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18 Efficient Tools to Organize Your New Home Fast

18 Efficient Tools to Organize Your New Home Fast

 organize your home

Moving to a new house always comes with mixed emotions. While the idea of turning your new place into your own is exciting, the management part often comes with a lot of stress.

There are already so many hurdles that you pass through in your busy schedules.

Your home is meant to be a refuge, a haven after a complete day's toil. The last thing you need is the daily fiasco of an unmanaged home. An untidy home creates clutter and anxiety and consumes time for unproductive work, making the pursuit of relaxation almost impossible.

So, how do you make sure you don’t face such an issue?  Following is a complete list of tools and tricks ensuring you a clutter-free moving experience.


18 Tools that Can Help You Declutter and Organize Your New Home 3x Faster

Before you start, let's give you the good news first. Organizing a new home is always easier than a residing one. However, don't let that early excitement carry you away from the volley of work that comes with it.

Planning your home's furniture and wall paints accompanies loads of storage space management work that needs to be ticked off.

Using free home design software here can be a smart move to ensure that your home organizing process is neat and productive. While planning software can help you to create a 'to-do' checklist, there are a few essential areas you need to give your undivided attention to.

Pro Tip: To have an even more realistic experience while planning, use 3D planners like Foyr.


  • Kitchen

    how to organize your home

    The kitchen is perhaps where you should begin your organization. After all, it extends you with the fuel you need to keep up in life. The following are a few essentials that can make you the master of your kitchen in no time.


    1. Kitchen drawer segmentors

      Having a chaotic kitchen drawer is a common phenomenon. But a drawer divider can change the game forever. From ladles to spatulas and cutlery sets, you can keep each of them in one drawer without messing them up.


      2. Pantry bins

        Having an updated knowledge of your pantry materials at all times is critical for the smooth functioning of your kitchen. Think of a busy day where you end up finding that your baking powder is running out of stock.

        Having invested in transparent plastic bins can make this process easier. To optimize this process, invest in the storage cans of 4 different varieties. This will serve all your kitchen purposes.


        3. Spice racks

          Having your spices stacked up all in one place is a massive saver during those busy mornings. Invest in modern rack designs that add a tinge of glamour while serving your purpose. 2-tier tower racks are a perfect example to achieve this.


          4. Lid and cookware racks

            Installing a dedicated lid rack makes your cooking process way faster. Running around to find that lid size that matches your pot of Sunday pasta meal doesn't have to be an ordeal anymore. Keeping your cookware rack handy, too, is a valuable asset here.

            But keep in mind that both your shelves need to be adjustable. This will give you the maximum returns on your investments.


            5. Wall organizers

              Your kitchen walls do more than create a dedicated space for your cooking. You can put them to use to stack up smaller kitchen utility products like whiskers, graters, knives, and more. 


              • Bathroom

              how to organize your home

              Having a messy bathroom can dampen your home's overall energy. Organizing it in an aesthetic and trendy way makes sure your showers are pleasing every time. Here are some of the tools you need.


              6. Corrals

                Stacking up your bathing products together is a huge step forward in managing your bathroom. You remove a lot of clutter in the process. From oils to spa products, all inventory can go here. Investing in a buildable corral set with self-adhesive shelves is a great choice.


                7. Shower caddy

                  Placing all shower products in one place can be refreshing for a shower. A shower caddy essentially does this job. From your favorite shampoo to body wash, you can keep the shower items at your shower's place. You can use a shower curtain to create a completely separate section for the shower here.


                  • Bedroom

                    Your bedroom is your ultimate area to unwind. Good sleep is essential for your daily health and productivity. This makes keeping your bedroom in order a basic need of your home organization. Below are a few basics that can help you achieve this.


                    8. Closet organizer

                      Managing a closet is almost like taming a storm. But using modern space optimizer hangers can be a lifesaver here. S-shaped 5 layered hangers are a great option to consider.


                      9. Storage bins

                        Canvas bins made of fabric can work wonders to manage your clothes. Layer zipped storage bins and recycling baskets are great options to store laundry and items you use seasonally.


                        10. Wall hooks and trays

                          With trays and hooks, you can instantly put even the smallest of bedrooms in order. From your scarves to backpacks, you can stack multiple items on hooks.

                          Trays bring a sense of intentional stacking. You can pile up all the clutter from magazines to jewelry pieces, socks, and ties in one large tray. 


                          • Home office

                          organize your home

                          With the pandemic ravaging the work-life balance of the global workforce, working from home is the new normal. To adjust to the unique situation, your house also needs preparation.

                          Gearing up your home office for maximum productivity starts with organizing your work materials. Here are a few things you can start with.


                          11. Cable manager

                            Technology is an integral part of our lives, and so are cables. From your computer charger to mobile charger, hotspot, and other gadgets that make your life easier, comes a volley of wires that are always prone to tangle.

                            A cable manager ensures that you don’t have to fuss about your cables anymore. Plus, you can always gear it up with a desk that promotes cable management.

                            Push the cords down the legroom to reduce visual clutter. You can put small labels to make it easier to understand. You can also use the same to manage a charging station in your home.


                            12. Desk organizers

                              Keeping the files and documents you use daily is super important. Mesh organizers are a great way to achieve this. They are cheap, sturdy, and well-designed. You can even give a complete look with a mesh pen stand and trash bin to your room.


                              13. Storage boxes

                                Managing those piles of papers can be daunting at times. Get dedicated boxes for each category of documents to make them accessible. Opting for acid-free boxes is a great option here. You can keep these boxes on a hollow pillar in your home office or an open rack.


                                • Corridor

                                  If there is one area that’s the most under-optimized space in the house, it’s the corridor. But it can do so much more than just being a connector.


                                  14. Hooks

                                    You can use your moving space innovatively to create extra space to hold your clothing and utilities on the run. Put your strap bags at a place where it is maximum accessible.


                                    15. Wall-mounted organizers

                                      These are perfect for creating that little extra space when you’re not feeling like keeping things at their place. Cotton cloth organizers that you can easily clip on the wall are great for these. The organizers can store your items, taking the apparent messy look out of them. 


                                      • Storeroom

                                        organizing things at home

                                        Although your storeroom may not be the first place your guests notice in your home, it has colossal importance in running your house. A messy storeroom often results in frustration in the daily movement. Use the following tools to keep your storeroom management on point.


                                        16. Tool clips

                                          House cleaning tools like brooms, mops, and rakes often come with long handles. As a result, the toppling of these tools is a common issue. Wall-mounted clips will help to have both more storage room and an in-line arranged toolset.


                                          17. Door organizers

                                            Using your closet doors in the hallway can open doors of a new storage area. Use door-mounted wired organizers to keep small utilities like art and craft papers, kitchen supply jars, and cans in this area.


                                            • Drawing and dining rooms

                                              18. Sofa Sets with Storage

                                              The usual notion of having a clutter-free drawing cum dining room is to keep minimal accessories. However, you can optimize these rooms for storage while doing so.

                                              Invest in sofa sets that have storage spaces under them. With a seating arrangement that twins as storage, you can clear daily clutter instantly.

                                              Keep allotted areas for everything. Invest in console tables; pair them up with trays to keep small things like keys and plants in a visually appealing manner. 


                                              Parting Advice 

                                              Your home, when well-organized, can be an effective stress management tool. Clearing out the clutter can remove low-grade stress from your lives instantly.

                                              You will not only keep the pressure at bay but also make sure that you have more time for meaningful activities at your new home.

                                              But a word of caution here.

                                              No matter how much you organize your residence before starting to live in it, you cannot skip maintenance. There will be days when you are too worked up to keep things in their allotted places and order. But this is okay. Give yourself a break.

                                              Keep one day dedicated for monthly maintenance. This will allow you to keep your house tidy, stress-free, and clutter-free yet take away the everyday cleaning burden.

                                              As the age-old proverb goes, 'cleanliness is next to godliness.' The preparation of your best productive self starts from your home.

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