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Laundry Rooms Décor

laundry room decor

One of the terms mentioned most often when referring to laundry rooms is functionality. This does not mean that we should abandon elements of style within the space.

 Elements of design and décor have greatly evolved in the 21st century and there is a lot you can do to make your laundry room more visually striking and appealing.

Here are a few ways to introduce some décor and style into your laundry room.

Stackable Washing Units

Stackable washing machines


Get the most out of your laundry room by getting washing and drying appliances that can be stacked. This looks neat and also gives you more space on the floor to add valuable accessories. 

Complement the appearance of the room by picking washing appliances whose color blends into the finish on your walls. These will seamlessly blend in, allowing any accessories you put in to stand out.

Space saving hacks

folding tables


If you have a small laundry room and you want to keep some essence of style, consider going for a folding table that can be tucked away next to the dryer. 

This is a good option compared to a traditional island counter which takes up a lot of valuable floor space.

Folding tables can be collapsed to give you more space to maneuver around, and they are stable enough to collapse when you are ironing and folding. 

You can choose from a variety of styles and finishes to obtain the visual aesthetic you are going for.

You can think about hanging a shoe organizer on the inside of the door, granting you easy access to cleaning supplies and a handy location for collecting loose change and other items you find in the pockets of the clothes you are sorting out.

You can mix and match white and wooden cupboards and shelves to meet all storage needs. Mount two white cabinets and connect them using two shelves as depicted below to achieve a balanced aesthetic.


Add subtle touches

fancy locks


Add a bit of visual interest by putting in shiny pulls, knobs, and pinboards which will make all the difference in creating a space where you will enjoy cleaning your clothes and linen. 

See whether you can replace your drawer handles for something that stands out more, and swaps out your standard utility-grade sink for a vintage farmhouse version that caters to your aesthetic preferences.

Another creative means of adding some personality to your laundry room is to stick some decals on the faces of your washer and dryer units. 

Dressing up these appliances with stickers and decals is an easy and inexpensive way to add some fun to the laundry room.

These are easy to peel off, and this means that you can swap them out from time to time to keep things looking interesting.


Creative Storage Units

saving space in a laundry room


To achieve clever use of space that is still visually appealing, install vertical laundry storage compartments that best suit the side of stacked washing units. You can feature open concept storage as shown below to ensure that you can easily see where towels, delicates, whites, darks, and laundry baskets are stored.

In addition to wooden compartments, consider adding clear laundry jars to the space. They can host a range of items such as dryer balls, detergent, laundry pods, and other essentials in these jars. Their clear appearance looks elegant on the counter, compared to an assortment of differently colored packages and branded bags stuffed away in enclosed cabinets.

There is a wide variety of jars available in different shapes and sizes, and you can further customize them using neat waterproof labels and stylish lids.

Add a plain-colored lint bin, which is a modern laundry room must-have. Consider getting a bin that you can mount beside a cabinet or inside the laundry room door. 

Newer alternatives don’t require mounting on the wall, as you can find bins that attach magnetically to the dryer unit. This makes for easy cleaning and you can easily switch them out when the appearance of the bin grows tiresome.

A minimalist addition to your laundry room storage is floating shelves. They have become a staple in recent years, stemming from their simple and elegant appearance when mounted above a washer or dryer. 

Floating shelves introduce some creative and customizable flair.Depending on the size you choose, can host essentials like detergents and soap dispensers to ensure you have what you need most frequently at arm’s length.

Accentuate the underfoot


laundry room spacing


After decking out the overhead space of your laundry room, add some visual pizzazz to the lower area of the space. Check out pretty terracotta tiles to incorporate some color into your laundry rooms, while retaining a lot of functionality.

Finish out this aesthetic by matching the color of your lower storage compartments, drawers, and laundry baskets to the color accents of your flooring. This will carry your chosen color scheme up from the floor into other parts of the room, thus making your laundry room look more cohesive.


Creative use of ceiling space

laundry room ceiling


You can utilize every inch of space in your laundry room by introducing some style and substance into the headroom. Consider a ladder shelf that not only serves as a versatile indoor drying rack for delicate pieces of clothing but also adds an interesting touch to the space.

If you have that old ladder that you no longer use, you can turn it into a DIY project for an inexpensive result while simultaneously freeing up some space in your garage or store.

Remember that with a small step stool, you can keep large items like laundry baskets on the top side of the ladder to free up more space within the lower areas of the laundry room.

Hang some creative prints

laundry room signs


You can get a variety of laundry art prints to add some visual interest to the walls of your laundry room. These not only serve as a pretty addition, but they can contain useful information to remind you of the meaning of different laundry symbols.

 Laundry art prints are available in different sizes and background colors that you can choose from to match the other items and appliances in your laundry room.


There is a lot you can do to spruce up the appearance of your laundry room without compromising functionality. Just because it serves a particular purpose, it does not have to look as bare and utilitarian as it first appears.

Take some time to look at your laundry room space and envision what you would like to see on the walls, the floor, the work surfaces, and on the ceiling. 

Remember that you can get many accessories like drying racks, washing appliances, and countertops that serve an aesthetic and functional purpose concurrently. A good laundry room should look good and be a place you feel comfortable taking on your laundry chores.

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