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How can you build faster?

building construction

The rising prices of building homes and renting houses are making it harder for homeowners to be in their ideal homes. Construction workers are also taking longer to build homes, making it quite a challenging housing market.

Typically, construction projects are not considered fast, especially for full builds. However, there are ways you can make things go a little easier and faster to result in a relatively quick build time.

Read the following tips to ensure a faster and smoother construction process for your home.

How long does it take to build a house?

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According to construction experts, building a house can take anywhere from six months to two years depending on several variables.

Other factors that affect the amount of time to build a house include the location, the style of the building, the weather, and the region in which you live.

It is important to get to know what you are getting into and how long you could be waiting to move into your new home.

Fast construction methods for houses

Pole-barn construction

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A pole barn house is built on an identified site without first constructing a foundation. Thus, the building process is sped up to an extent because there is no need to lay out the foundation first.

Pole barn houses use up fewer materials and labor which speed up the process. They use metal roofing panels which are quicker to install compared to asphalt shingles.

Modular construction

A majority of modular construction is done within a factory and then assembled on-site. Builders can work inside a building using tools that make the process faster.

This type of construction keeps builders from interruptions resulting from weather changes, and this allows them to spend more time constructing the house.

Once the building is almost complete, it is shipped and assembled on an assigned plot of land. As a result, modular construction can be 30% to 50% faster than traditional methods.

3D Printing

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In the construction industry, 3D printing refers to the sequential layering of materials on a computer program to create three-dimensional shapes. This technology can create complex components in moments and can print a building’s layout.

3D printing allows for faster and more accurate construction with a lower cost of labor and environmental waste. 3D printing also reduces the cost of homes by half, and there is the option to use pre-printed 3D models if you do not mind less customization.

Building a home that only uses wireless technology

Wireless technology can now be used to set up an entire house. An example is observed in how an electrician will spend less time wiring a new home if wireless technology is used in its construction.

Wire-free switches will do away with the need to wire switches behind walls which is the norm. However, there are some drawbacks to constructing a home using wireless technology only.

Sophisticated hackers and digital attackers can access home appliances and other smart devices. Therefore, if you use this technology in your home, update the software often, use strong passwords, and encryption and only pair trusted devices to your home network.

Insulated concrete form (ICF) building

This type of construction uses rigid polystyrene insulation blocks separated by plastic webbing. ICF is used to pour concrete walls that interlock to fit together tightly. After ICF blocks are in place, concrete is poured and fastener strips are used to attach finishes like siding and drywall.

Trained ICF builders can lay the blocks of a single-story house in a single day, followed by concrete pouring on the second day. Within a few days, the exterior walls, roof, windows, and doors can be finished by builders.

ICF construction does not need caulking and sealing. It acts as a barrier for air and vapor to provide continuous protection. ICF is also easy to cut which means quick installation for plumbing, electrical and HVAC.

No one wants to wait endlessly for their home to be built. You can consider using the methods and materials explored above to speed up the process.

How can builders speed up home construction projects?


Work with a design engineer

Design engineers can often see things that contractors and builders cannot. They may be able to point out ways in which you can save time and avoid potential issues that cause unnecessary slow-downs.

Use pre-built materials

Things like roof trusses can be acquired when pre-built, cutting out the time to build them on-site. Many pre-built components can save you time while increasing the consistency of the build.

Keep the layout simple

Simple layouts are much faster to design and build compared to more complex and decorative designs. Keep things minimal with floor plans, fewer rooms, corners, and a thinner profile which will all translate into a faster build.

Use high-quality materials

Low-quality materials break down more often, resulting in more time spent redoing sections. Using high-quality materials means that your project can move forward more smoothly with fewer delays.

Paying close attention to the schedule

Paying more attention to a schedule will allow you to paddle it in places with a tendency to get bogged down while spotting potential delays before they occur.

Ways to shorten the build time

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Make a plan and stick to it

Have a clear plan in place and do your best to stick to it. Whether you are working with an existing design or creating a design from scratch, make sure you are settling realistic goals and expectations. Establish a budget and make design choices early to stay on track.

Make as many decisions as you can before groundbreaking begins and resist the feeling to make changes as the process moves forward.

Keep an open line of communication

Communication is key in maintaining a construction project. Ensure you regularly check in with your builder or contractor so that progress and issues are discussed regularly. Open communication means that problems can be quickly addressed or avoided altogether.


Building a house is a process that takes a few months, and there is a lot you can do as a homeowner to ensure you build quickly.

Experts recommend using experienced architects, contractors, design engineers and builders. Also, high-quality materials and simple design layouts result in a faster build.

Ensure you have a plan and you stick to it with the help of an experienced team. This will ensure you end up with a beautiful and lasting home.

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