Barn Doors: Trend Or Timeless?

Barn Doors: Trend Or Timeless?

You have picked a house plan design you want to work with for your dream home. You’re now ready to build your home. Home building process can be fun but can also be a little stressful. Once you've settled on what the outside will look like, you now need to start visualizing what the inside will look like. When designing and building a home, it can be so hard to know if you should include certain features that may be popular at the moment or not. One element that is all the rage at the moment is barn doors.

A sliding barn door can be a great way to add personality, style, and functionality to your home. Barn doors are easy to install and customize, and they can really free up floor space that would otherwise be needed for conventional doors. This makes a rolling barn door a great option for small spaces like bathrooms or hallways that can be easily blocked by a door that swings open. Barn doors can also be great for large, open spaces as they can be left open to provide a comfortable flow from one room to the other or closed to divide the room into separate areas.

Let's take a closer look at why a barn door might be the right fit for your home: 

Space savers

Unlike regular doors that require lots of space thus proving quite a challenge in small spaces by either not opening all the way, causing dents in the walls, or blocking walkways, barn doors are the complete opposite. They might require space on the wall in order to open properly, but they do not need as much floor space to swing open and they lay flat against the wall when they are open. Barn doors neatly divide a room into two spaces and stylishly slides out of the way creating a larger space when needed. 


In addition to being great space savers, barn doors are also incredibly functional. They can be made from lightweight materials which can make them a great addition to a family home setup with kids, as they’ll be easy to open for them and less likely to cause any injuries. 

Because barn doors are lightweight and installed on a track, the majority of the weight and strain is removed from the person opening the door, making them an excellent option for people of all ages and physical conditions. 

One of the other bigger challenges with regular hinged doors as mentioned is they can be quite limiting in a small space, how do you get furniture in and out of a room? This can sometimes limit the size of the furniture you are allowed to have in your space. With barn doors however, the fact that these rolling doors can open all the way means that you have more space to maneuver your furniture or yourself through your doorways. No longer will you need to take a door off its hinges in order to fit furniture through a doorway 😅! 

In fact, barn doors can be a great way to keep an open floor plan while still having the option to close off rooms as needed. Since barn doors are hung from tracks over the doorway they can fit over most openings. 


Barn doors are incredibly stylish on their own and can be easily styled to further fit any aesthetic you want. They add an aesthetically interesting appeal to any space! While a pocket or traditional door can be beautiful, a barn door adds a unique focal point that is unparalleled. Barn doors elevate a basic, boring, yet necessary design element into a feature that is aesthetically pleasing and charming. Because they are entirely customizable to fit any needs and desires, barn doors complement any style of home, from a classic country house to a modern mansion and everything in between. Whichever style you go with, the uniqueness of your rolling door will be a great statement piece and conversation starter for any room. 

Easy Installation

Another advantage to barn doors is how easy they are to install. Conventional doors need to be closely measured and can be difficult to maneuver into pre-cut doorways. If you want to change out a traditional door you will often end up needing to replace the entire door frame which can be an extensive carpentry project. Barn door hardware, on the other hand, can be easily installed either on your own or with the help of a professional. Once you have the barn door hardware installed it is easy to change out doors later on which makes this a great option if you like to redecorate or freshen up the style in your home often.

Versatile Designs 

Barn doors come in a variety of designs that help them fit in just about any kind of doorway. Traditional barn doors are generally one sliding door on a track above the doorway. You can also go with a double door configuration though that will allow the doors to slide to either side of your opening. This is a great option for the larger doorways that are often found between the main rooms of a house. Bypass barn door hardware works well for closets, multiple side-by-side openings, and smaller spaces. This is due to the fact that bypass doors can slide behind each other, which means they need less track space on the wall next to the door. This can let you cover a wider doorway without needing to extend tracks to either side of the opening.


Now that we’ve discussed some of the reasons barn doors are a great option to consider for your home, here are some small house plans that work perfectly with barn doors.

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