Two-storey 2 bedroom apartment building - ID 28901

Plan Specifications

  • 2 stories

  • 8 bedrooms

  • 9 baths

  • 547 sq m

  • Length 25m

  • Structural Drawings

  • Width 11m


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Plan Description

two-story design featuring four 2 bedroom apartments and two to six storefront rental units, ideal for an investment project. This neat and simple design is only 11 by 25 meters and the six commercial spaces can be combined to form only two units (one for each floor).

The rental spaces at the front can be positioned on your plot of land to face the access road while the 2 bedroom apartment units will be hidden behind. There are two units on the ground floor and two units on the first floor serviced with a staircase doubling as a water tank storage platform. Each unit is compact and has practical spaces, with a living room right after the front verandah, and a kitchen L-shaped with its verandah to ensure good ventilation and lighting. One of the bedrooms is completed with its own ensuite while the second bedroom has access to bathroom facilities that double as the guest toilet.

Plan Details

Features Drawings List
Stories: 2
En-suite rooms: 4
Bedrooms: 8
Toilets/ bath: 9
Living room: 4
Kitchen: 4
Veranda: 5
Balcony: 5

Floor plans
Roof plan
Door and Window Schedule
Finish and Furniture Layout
Schematic Electrical Layout
Clean water supply Layout
Waste and foul water drainage
Septic tank and Soak-away pit
Structural Drawings

*Drawings delivered in PDF and DWG Format