Two Bedroom Head house - ID 22202

Plan Specifications

  • 2 baths

  • 2 bedrooms

  • 2 stories

  • 100 sq m

  • Length 8.6m

  • Structural Drawings

  • Width 7.2m


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Plan Description

Just about "quirky and uniqueness" you could want thoughtfully incorporated into the two-story house design in the shape of a head. A 100-square-meter house plan with an open design concept for the living spaces, private cozy sleeping quarters, and simplicity for ease of construction.

The front entry doorway at the mouth leads directly into the open living space, which includes the spacious living room, dining area, and U-shaped kitchen with a breakfast bar. Except for the wall tucking away the staircase, the ground floor is designed to have no interrupting walls, maximizing public living space. Winding up one of the most common u-shaped staircase designs leads to the first floor, where there are two bedrooms, one with a shared bathroom and the other with an ensuite.

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Plan Details

Features Drawings List
Stories: 2
Bedroom: 2
Ensuite: 1
Toilets / bath: 2
Living room: 1
Dining: 1
Kitchen: 1
Store: 1

Drawings will be available upon request.
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1. Architectural Drawings Set
2. Structural Drawing Set

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