One Bedroom Casa Cheese - ID 21101

Plan Specifications

  • 1 bath

  • 1 bedroom

  • 2 stories

  • 45 sq m

  • Length 6.85m

  • Structural Drawings

  • Width 10m


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Plan Description

Possibly Maramani's most unique one bedroom cottage design with a distinctive slice-of-cheese look. A small house of exceptional and picturesque architecture with almost 50 square meters of living space.

A side entrance leads to a tiny entry hallway with a closet to store your shoes, coat and keys when you enter the house. To the left of the entry space is a compact but functional kitchen, and to the right is a cozy living room with a shelf or a fireplace in the wedge. Stairs lead directly to the first floor bedroom/loft which sits above the kitchen, full bath and under-stair storage closets making full use of the space for this tiny cheese house.

One of the Cheesy Maramani's Crazy, Weird and Unusual house designs, for even more daringly unique designs click here.

Plan Details

Features Drawings List
Stories: 2
Bedroom: 1
Toilets / bath: 1
Living room: 1
Kitchen: 1
Entry Foyer: 1

Drawings will be available upon request.
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1. Architectural Drawings Set
2. Structural Drawing Set

*Drawings delivered in PDF and DWG Format