Thatched Roof House on a hill - ID 13416

Plan Specifications

  • 1 story

  • 3 bedrooms

  • 4 baths

  • 369 sq m

  • Length 29m

  • Structural Drawings

  • Width 18m


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Plan Description

This is the perfect 3 bedroom thatched roof house plan for a piece of land that’s on a slope. Thatch roofs are the original African roofing methods that are environmentally conscious and simply beautiful to look at. Thatched roofs also offer excellent temperature control for your house and are quite durable. The plan prevents you from wasting money trying to level your patch of land by making use of the land as it is. Drive in through the elegant driveway at the bottom and start your journey upwards by walking up the short flight of stairs through the verandah into the spacious living room. The living room is gorgeously designed in an open layout giving you free flowing access to the dining room, kitchen, terrace dining area and subsequently the beautiful walkway that goes round half the house. The large kitchen is connected to a spacious pantry space and through the hallway you will find a conveniently placed laundry room that is on the opposite side of your home office. The en suite master bedroom is strategically placed on the extreme left corner of the house with the remaining bedrooms on the extreme opposite side, each with their own full baths. Each room is placed to give everyone a view no matter which part of the house one is one. You definitely want this plan for your sloping piece of land.

Plan Details

Features Drawings List

Stories: 1
Bedrooms: 3
En-suite rooms: 3
Toilets/ bath: 4
Living room: 1
Terrace Living: 1
Dining: 1
Terrace Dining: 1
Kitchen: 1
Laundry: 1
Pantry: 1
Office: 1
Veranda: 3

Foundation Plan
Floor Plan
Roof Plan
Construction Details
Door and Window Schedule
Schematic Electrical layout
Schematic Drainage Layout
Furniture layout and Floor finishes plan
Septic tank and soak pit
Structural drawings
Bill of Quantities (editable excel format)
Schedule of Materials (editable excel format)

*Drawings delivered in PDF and DWG Format