School Building Design - ID 29906

Plan Specifications

  • 16 baths

  • 2 stories

  • 9 Classrooms

  • 1545 sq m

  • Length 33m

  • Width 31m


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Plan Description

Welcome to our well designed and vibrant school building, where little minds can bloom and flourish in a nurturing environment. At the heart of early childhood education, we have a design for this school building to inspire learning, exploration, and creativity.

Our school offers 8 spacious and well-appointed classrooms, adorned with colorful learning aids and age-appropriate furniture. It provides the perfect setting for young learners to embark on their educational journey. Also, the classrooms and other spaces arrangement is around a delightful courtyard design. This design doubles as a safe and fun playground for our energetic little ones.

Rising to a double story in height, the school building boasts a simple yet elegant roofing design. This ensures ample natural light and a comfortable ambiance throughout. The well ventilated and child friendly interiors create an inviting atmosphere that encourages curiosity and playfulness.

Catering to the needs of both students and dedicated staff, the preschool design includes staffrooms. These staffrooms foster collaboration and professional growth among the teaching staff. In addition, conveniently located toilets on both stories promote ease and accessibility.

Furthermore, to keep our young children well nourished, we have a modern dining area and kitchen design. This setup provides nutritious meals that support their growth and development.

In conclusion, our school building design is a haven where children's imagination takes flight, and to encourage them to explore, inquire, and dream big.

Plan Details

Features Drawings List
Stories: 2
Entrance hall: 1
Reception: 1
Offices: 4
Staff Office: 1 (Pool office)
Strong rooms: 1
Classroom: 8
Multi-purpose room: 1
Libary: 1
Nap room: 2
Toilets: 16
Janitors' room: 1
Dining: 1
Kitchen: 1
Buffet: 1
Store: 2
Scullery: 1
Courtyard/Playground: 1

Foundation Plan
Floor Plans
Roof Plan
Construction Details
Door and Window Schedule
Furniture layout and Floor finishes plan
Schematic Electrical layout
Schematic Clean water layout
Schematic Drainage layout
Septic tank and Soak away pit

Structural Drawings

*Drawings delivered in PDF and DWG Format

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