Modern Apartment building design - ID 69902

Plan Specifications

  • 2 penthouses

  • 43 apartments

  • 6 stories

  • 5853 sq m

  • Electrical Drawings

  • Length 28m

  • Mechanical Drawings

  • Structural Drawings

  • Width 50m


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Plan Description

A modern apartment design that is perfect for an urban or a suburban build. This design involves the construction of an apartment building with 5851 square meters and a detached Community center building with 470 square meters of area. The apartment building has 33 studio apartments, 10 one-bedroom apartments, 2 penthouses which covers two floors each and leaves little to be asked for. Within 6 stories you will notice that this layout has plenty of amenities to offer. From the drop-off point either follow the ramp to the basement parking or to the entrance porch to access the ground floor. The main floor and the fourth floor offer most of the common areas, including reception, a multipurpose hall, office, bar, restaurant, power room, store, washrooms, terraces, laundry, and a dedicated area is reserved for holding water reserve tanks and solar panels. The community center building houses Bar and restaurant, coffee and tea bar, BBQ area, GYM, steam room, sauna, saloon, spa, laundry, and changing rooms. You'll love this beautiful design in all its gracious splendor.

Plan Details

Features Drawings List

Stories: 6
Bedrooms: 47
En-suite rooms: 47
Toilets/ bath: 53
Living room: 12
Outdoor lounge: 4
Balcony: 9
Kitchen: 48
Dining: 47
Laundry : 3
Pantry: 2
Reception: 1
Office : 3
Multipurpose Hall: 1
Restaurant and Bar: 1
Store: 4
Utility room: 2
Power room: 2
Basement parking: 26 cars

Stories: 1
W.C: 8 
Bar and Restaurant: 1 
Coffee and Tea bar: 1 
BBQ Area: 1 
GYM: 1 
Steam Room: 1 
Sauna: 1 
Saloon: 1 
Spa: 1 
Waiting lounge: 1 
Laundry: 1 
Changing room: 2 
Veranda: 1 

Floor Plans
Roof Plan 
Construction Details 
Door and Window Schedule 
Schematic  Drainage Layout 
Furniture layout and Floor Finish 
3D Perspectives  
Structural drawings 
Mechanical drawings 
Electrical drawings
Plumbing drawings
Bill of Quantities 

Floor Plans
Roof Plan
Construction Details
Door and Window Schedule
Schematic Drainage Layout
Furniture layout and Floor Finish
3D Perspectives
Structural drawings
Mechanical drawings
Electrical drawings
Plumbing drawings
Bill of Quantities

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