Mixed-use building design - ID 48901

Plan Specifications

  • 4 stories

  • 8 bedrooms

  • 9 baths

  • 1649 sq m

  • Electrical Drawings

  • Length 34m

  • Mechanical Drawings

  • Structural Drawings

  • Width 20m


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Plan Description

Perched upon a sloping site, this remarkable four-story mixed-use building embodies the epitome of modern contemporary architecture. The fusion of commercial and residential spaces seamlessly blends together, creating an innovative and versatile structure. With its strategic location and thoughtful design, this building stands as a testament to the harmonious integration of different functions.

As you approach the building, its captivating facade catches your eye. Clean lines and a sleek aesthetic characterize the modern contemporary style. The utilization of conventional materials ensures both practicality and availability in construction. Large windows grace the exterior, inviting natural light to flood the interiors and offering a glimpse of the activity within.

Commercial Zone

The ground floor welcomes you with retail units accessible from the lower side of the slope. Here, two rental units beckon entrepreneurs and professionals alike. Each unit boasts a kitchenette for convenience, a private toilet, a small boardroom, and a private 10-square-meter office. A shared hallway leads to additional storage areas and well-appointed public toilets catering to the needs of both men and women.

Moving up to the first floor, a world of possibilities unfolds. This level serves multiple purposes, accommodating the demands of both tenants and visitors. A designated parking area awaits, providing ample space for vehicles. Adjacent to the parking area, a vibrant restaurant and bar zone area come alive. The commercial kitchen ensures the preparation of culinary delights, while a manager's office and staff changing rooms optimize efficiency. Public toilets cater to the comfort of patrons.

The top side of the property provides convenient access to the first floor via a separate entrance and six parking spaces. This thoughtful design element facilitates easy access from multiple directions, thereby enhancing the convenience for all.

Residential Zone

The second and third floors contain luxurious apartment units that exude comfort and sophistication. Each floor contains two apartments arranged in a linear configuration. A sense of spaciousness envelops you upon entry. The master bedroom's full ensuite bathroom provides seclusion and tranquility. A second bedroom with an integrated wardrobe meets storage requirements. Laundry facilities and a bathroom that doubles as a guest bedroom enhance the functionality.

Moving further into the apartment, an open-concept living area awaits. The combination of the living room, dining area and U-shaped kitchen with a breakfast bar creates an inviting atmosphere. This piece promotes social interaction and inclusiveness. The living area extends onto a covered balcony, providing a serene outdoor haven.

This mixed-use building on a sloped lot highlights the ingenuity of contemporary real estate architecture. It combines seamlessly commercial and residential spaces to produce a dynamic environment where work, leisure, and comfort are intertwined. Whether you seek an entrepreneurial venture, a lively dining experience, or a luxurious apartment, this mixed-use building marvel offers a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics to meet your diverse needs.

Plan Details

Features Drawings List

Stories: 4
Length = 34 m
Width = 20 m
Total floor area: 1649 m2 

Ground floor
Rental space Unit: 2
Toilets / bath: 7
Office: 2
Boardroom: 2
Coffee area: 2
Store: 2
Hallway: 1

First floor
Bar area: 1
Restaurant Dining: 1
Kitchen: 1
Toilets / bath: 5
Dish washing area: 1
Freezer/store: 1
Manager office: 1
Staff room: 1
Open terrace: 1
Car Garage: 6 - Cars

Second and Third floor
Bedrooms: 8
En-suite rooms: 4
Toilet / Bath: 8
Living room: 4
Dining: 4
Kitchen: 4
Laundry: 4
Walk-in-closet: 4
Balcony: 4
Covered balcony: 4
Entry balcony: 4

Floor Plans
Roof Plan
Construction Details
Doors and windows schedule
Floor finishes and furniture layout plan
Schematic electrical layout plan
Schematic clean water layout plan
Schematic Foul water layout plan
Septic tank and soak- away pit

Structural Drawings
Mechanical Drawings
Electrical Drawings

*Drawings delivered in PDF and DWG Format