Mansion house design - ID 37901

Plan Specifications

  • 3 stories

  • 7 bedrooms

  • 9 bathrooms

  • 758 sq m

  • Length 20m

  • Structural Drawings

  • Width 17m


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Plan Description

Mansion house design on 3 floors of luxury serviced by a private elevator. An anteroom leads to the rest of this majestic plan containing 7 en suite bedrooms and a lounge on each floor. The master bedroom occupies an entire floor and includes a study room, box room, kitchenette, and a gym. Designed for an urban setting or a plot of limited size this plan allows the occupiers all the amenities without a large building footprint.
Plan Details

Features Drawings List

Stories: 3
Bedrooms: 7
Self-contained rooms: 7
Toilets: 9
Balconies: 4
Lounges: 3
Kitchens: 2
Dining: 1
Mini-bars: 2
Study room: 1
Musical room: 1
Family gym: 1
Anteroom: 1
Verandahs: 2
Lobbies: 3
Control room: 1
Storages: 2
Laundry: 1
Box room: 1

Foundation plan
Floor plans
Roof plan
Door and window schedule
Schematic Electrical layout
Floor finishes
Furniture layout
Septic tank and soakage pit
Structural Drawings
Bills of quantities (editable excel format)

*Drawings delivered in PDF and DWG Format