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4 Bedroom House Plan - ID 24507


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  • With plummeting costs for burglar proof glass, you can expect to see more of these designs in the coming years. This modern glass house design is designed to host a family of 4 on the first floor and an additional large guest room which can double as the parents room on the ground floor. The design offers clean lines, simple proportions, open layouts and abundant natural light. The style which was developed as far back as the 1920's comprises of a flat concrete roof and large expanses of glass which allow a strong connection to the outdoor space. A beautiful transition area combines the living room and the outdoors with the use of a covered pergola. A great living space for the modern family.
  • A grand foyer with double staircases leads from the main entrance to the 4 bedrooms which are all located on the first floor. The foyer leads straight to the back of the building to a large covered veranda which is also reflected on the first floor as a private balcony for the family. An open kitchen and dining, living room with bar, TV room and office complete the rest of the ground floor.
Dimension Width: 20.2 meters
Depth: 18.4 meters
Floor Area Open area: 173.0 m2
Enclosed area: 586.7 m2
Total area: 759.7 m2
Features Stories: 2
Bedroom: 4
Self-contained rooms: 4
Toilets: 5
Kitchen: 1
Dining room: 1
Living room: 2
Verandah: 3
Balcony: 5
Pantry: 1
Laundry: 1
Store: 2
Included Architectural Drawings Foundation plan
Floor plans
Roof plan
Sections & Details
Roof details
Floor finishes plan
Door and window schedule
Schematic electrical layout

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