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2 Bedroom House Plan - ID 12210


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  • Whether you are starting a family or just need a guest room, This 2 bedroom house plan is a great choice.
  • With measurements of 83.2m2, this outstanding two bedroom apartment offers its own storage area, 2 toilets, a master bedroom, a charming patio, large island kitchen, dining area, a septic tank and soakage pit.
  • The beautifully white angelic finish creates happiness and perfection to the eyes.
  • The large verandah can be converted to a resting area or even an outside living room where people can relax as they enjoy the sunlight.
Dimension Width : 12.1 meters"
Depth : 10.3 meters
Ground Floor Plan Open areas: 15.7 m2
Enclosed area: 83.4 m2
Total area: 99.1 m2
Features Stories: 1
Bedroom: 2
Self-contained rooms: 1
Toilets: 2
Kitchen: 1
Living room: 1
Store: 1
Architectural Drawings List Foundation Plan
Ground floor plan
Roof Plan
Floor finish and furniture layout
Schematic Electrical
Door/ window schedules and lists
Septic tank & soakage pit

All drawings delivered in PDF and DWG format

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