how to make your vacation rental stand out

Boosting the Value of Your Vacation Rental - Decoration Tips You Should Pick Up

Boosting the Value of Your Vacation Rental - Decoration Tips You Should Pick Up

vacation rental

Vacation rentals are one of the booming businesses nowadays.

This sector is pretty straightforward—you open your private property as a temporary home for travelers, then they pay the rent and you earn a profit.

But how can you make sure you stand out from the competition?

Aside from listing your property on Avery Carl rentals, below are some tips you can follow.


How to Make Your Vacation Rental Stand Out and Attract Travelers

When checking out Avery Carl’s listings, people consider different factors.

Location is one of the important elements of a vacation rental business. The area you focus on should be safe and easily accessible to attractions, markets, and other facilities. Of course, vacationers tend to choose a unit that matches their budget. Likewise, they check out reviews of previous guests.

If you have all these factors checked, then it’s time to get to the beautification process. People may admit it or not, but the overall décor and ambiance of a place attract them to book a certain property.

Raise the bar higher on your vacation rental unit by taking some of these furnishing suggestions.

 vacation rental


1. Good Lighting

Lighting adds a warm and open ambiance to a home, and those on Avery Carl’s village real estate listings have plenty. Invest in good lighting fixtures that complement the look of your place.

Attach lamps on the bedsides and in the dark corners of your home. Furthermore, adding additional light fixtures in the kitchen and bathroom is not only functional but also prevents accidents.


2. Play with a Theme

This may be a bit tricky because you have to foremost identify your target market before pushing through with this plan. The goal is to provide your guests with a unique experience.

If your target market is families, adding in children-themed rooms can work. You can also furnish the property according to its location.

If it’s near the beach, try to bring out a coastal feel to it. Meanwhile, if it’s close to the hills or mountains, a rustic theme will do. Check out Avery Carl rentals to discover other owners’ beautification ideas.


3. Get a Furniture Upgrade

Don’t settle for a “good enough” furniture set. After all, guests would want to get their money’s worth to feel a bit of luxury. Make sure that every piece is not only appealing and comfortable but also of the highest quality that is made to last.

Bed frames should be durable and recliners should be user-friendly. Take time to check if cabinets and drawers are easy to open and close. Reupholster cushions or replace them with new ones if you can.


4. Fill out the Missing Pieces

Fulfill your guests’ expectations by ensuring you give them the complete deal. Don’t just simply offer a place to stay, but also provide them with everything they need to feel at home.

It would be nice to add rugs to rooms with hardwood floor, or hang paintings or other art pieces on the wall. Don’t forget to install window curtains for privacy. If you have a bookshelf, place your recommended books on the shelves for your guests to enjoy.

These little touches will surely be noticed by your guests, who may be prompted to highlight the uniqueness of your rental in online reviews.


More Tips on Sustaining Your Vacation Rental Business during COVID-19

vacation rental

It’s no surprise how the pandemic has affected businesses. The vacation rental industry is not exempted from this problem. As a landlord, here are some precautionary measures to take to maintain the growth of your business:

Adjust your prices accordingly. And how can you do this? By monitoring competitors’ prices on Avery Carl’s Airbnb listings.

Work on attracting domestic guests for now, as there are many travel restrictions placed on international flights.

To motivate guests, offer special discounts and promotions. If you have guests who can’t push through with their bookings because of the pandemic, offer them rebooking discounts.

If there are no COVID-19 cases in your rental property’s area, bank on this fact. It proves that your unit is safe and risk-free. To further maintain your place’s safety, you may require guests to answer a health and safety checklist before proceeding with their booking.

Sanitize your unit thoroughly, most especially after each rental period is completed. Disinfect the area and scrub all surfaces. You can specify how you make sure your unit maintains its cleanliness in your advertisement.


Final Thoughts

Before advertising your property on Avery Carl rentals listing, make sure that it will win over potential visitors. Invest in quality lighting fixtures and furniture pieces. Put keen attention to every detail and ensure that everything is not only picture-perfect but also convenient. Additionally, don't forget to sanitize your place often to guarantee everyone's safety.

To get ideas on how to bring out the best in your vacation rental property, check out the different concepts available here.

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