2 bedroom flat design plans

Modern 2 Bedroom House Plans: Should You Rent or Build?

Modern 2 Bedroom House Plans: Should You Rent or Build?

Modern 2 Bedroom House Plans

A 2-bedroom building is a modest structure when you consider the level of the building and the planning that usually goes into it.

The process of building one of such will take the level of planning associated with bigger buildings. Plans will have to be made, depending on the type of structure you want.

The buildings are mostly suitable for singles, new couples, and old couples with a very small family. Getting to build one successfully can be done with a proper building plan.

Small buildings with a 2-bedroom structure come in a good number of designs. Some of them may include two bedrooms and an office space that will take the look of a living room, some will have two bathrooms while some will have just one. It all depends on the cost and size of the building.

Some 2-bedroom apartments despite being just that will have a luxurious look that will impress anyone that wants to build or rent them. If the size is bigger, they can throw in an area for guests, a corridor, or a cottage.

The determinants have to do with the cost most of the time. Therefore, we will take a look at 2-bedroom building designs, structures, cost, and whether it would be more suitable to build such on a budget or to rent them.


Modern 2 Bedroom House Plans and Designs

small modern 2 bedroom house plans

2 Bedroom Flat with Deck and 1 Bathroom

This design consists of one master bedroom and another smaller room. It begins with an entrance to the sitting room through a corridor that the owner can stay in sometimes.

The sitting room paves way for the kitchen and a dining hall where couples can dine and wine. The master bedroom looks like that of a couple. It’s spacious and looks quite comfortable enough for two people to share.

This house plan comes with a bathroom that also doubles as a toilet. It is completed with a little study that could double for an office space. This type of design is suitable for couples with a small family.

Although the rooms contain singular doors per room, there’s enough space in the house. It’s a beautiful design for anyone willing to build and live in it.


2 Bedroom Flat with 1 Bathroom and Outdoor Space

The building plan starts with the entrance directly into the living room and then culminating into the kitchen area with a dining table.

The side of the living room has a small passage from which the occupants can proceed to their two bedrooms. One is a master bedroom while the other is a small space that will be enough to house another occupant.

This design is not so spacious but gives just enough space for couples with a small family.

The sitting room leads into an outdoor space with a patio, allowing space for extra furniture where the occupants can sit and enjoy nature. This space runs through the length of the entire apartment and may have contributed to its reduced space. It’s a very colorful design for enthusiastic couples looking for space. 


2 Bedroom Flat with 1 Bathroom and Balcony

The beautiful thing about this design is how innovative it looks from its interior. This is a house that opens into a small kitchen space with dining that can fit a couple. The kitchen space is spacious and directly behind the living room.

Something unique about this living room is that it also has a small space behind it that can make it double as an office space. The house is also designed to bring in light from a small balcony at the end with enough space for a table for 4.

The other segment of the building shows a small passage to the rooms; a master bedroom with a toilet space that leads to the other bedroom at the end of the house.

The rooms are adjoining to each other through the bathroom. This means easier access to the bathroom by the occupants of both rooms. The extreme room also leads to the balcony outside with enough light for proper view at night.


2 Bedroom Flat with 2 Bathrooms and Terrace

This is mostly for a bigger land space because of the space it offers. The plan starts with the front door that leads into the living room.

The living room leads to the kitchen space with enough room for the occupants to cook. Although it doesn’t give much space, there is a small dining area. The house contains two bedrooms; one on the left and the other one on the right.

Each of the rooms has a bedroom and toilet built solely to give comfort to the occupants instead of the usual one-bathroom design. One of the rooms leads to a terrace that can double as a flower bed for occupants that appreciate beautifying their houses with flowers.

The kitchen also leads to a small space for laundry while the sitting room leads to the terrace where homeowners can relax and enjoy the fresh air. This is a suitable design for couples with a small family that values space.


Verdict on the Above Building Plans

Having taken a look at the various building house plans above, it is important to point out that they’re very beautiful and flamboyant for anyone looking to either build or rent. The decision to proceed with your choice is surely financially related.


small 2 bedroom house plans and designs


Building any of the above in open cities is going to cost more than doing the same thing in the suburbs. Let’s take a look at the advantages that come with renting before we draw up a conclusion.


Benefits of Renting a 2-Bedroom Apartment

Building a house is a very tedious task for most homeowners. This is why many are looking to buy rather than rent when it comes to 2-bedroom apartments. Some of the benefits of renting rather than building the house include the following.


Enough Space for Additional work

With the situation of most countries with the pandemic, it is quite important that most workers work from home rather than go to their respective workplaces in person. This is what makes renting a 2-bedroom space a very good idea for couples.

It will also afford them the comfort of a balanced home without them having to break the bank to pay for a building. It also offers extra space for individuals with a small family living with them.


An Option to Share Rent with a Roommate

With the space that comes with 2-bedroom designs, getting a roommate to share the financial responsibilities will be an added advantage for any potential homeowner that wants to recover.

2 bedroom house designs

This will make life much easier for the individual involved while offering them both the best of comfort at the same time. This arrangement is suitable for singles; couples can live there as well because of the 2 rooms involved.


Allows Enough Time for Financial Growth

Renting gives people the opportunity to gather enough finance to build their houses. Building a 2-bedroom apartment is not an easy task as a lot of planning and funding goes into it.

Taking time to gather funds before undertaking such will be invaluable rather than rushing into it and getting stuck at some stage. Renting will give potential homeowners breathing space and time to gather funds together.


Verdict on Whether to Build or Rent

The average cost of building a 2-bedroom apartment is often more expensive in the cities than in the suburbs. The decision of whether to rent or build is dependent on whether you can afford to undertake the project.

Modern 2 Bedroom House Plans

The price of renting a 2-bedroom apartment varies from one place to another, depending on the location and other factors. The price of building a 2-bedroom apartment also varies from one location to another.

Building your house requires a huge amount and a lot of planning. If you have the fund in place, choosing to build is the better option in most cases. But if you don’t, renting is a no-brainer since it will provide enough time for financial growth.

Building your apartment is more expensive but is financially the more preferred option in the long run.



Owning a building even as simple as a 2-bedroom house is a huge achievement for any homeowner; it’s much better when decisions are made based on financial means. The decisions should also consider long-term valuations for houses in the future, to create a plan that will be the most suitable.

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