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Top 7 Cheapest Patio Flooring to Choose From

Top 7 Cheapest Patio Flooring to Choose From

cheapest patio flooring 

Just like the living room, the patio flooring of any home adds radiance and beauty to the home.

If you love the cozy breeze in the patios or love to unwind outdoor with family and friends, then you should consider paying attention to the look of your patio and ensure that you make it as appealing and comfortable as possible.

Aside from the pieces of furniture you might want to obtain, one other important aspect to consider is the patio flooring.

By definition, patio flooring has to do with any form of flooring option or alternative used for an outdoor patio. It goes a long way in giving you and your family and the best outdoor experience.

Also, a good patio flooring must be durable, comfortable to walk on and have the ability to withstand diverse weather conditions. Some are, however, quite expensive.

Hence, read this article to the end if you’re looking for patio flooring options that are durable and available at the most affordable prices.

We shall be giving you a detailed overview of the best and cheapest patio flooring options that you can conveniently choose from, without having to worry about price.


Cheapest Patio Flooring Options

1. Concrete Patio Flooring

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When you crave durability, versatility, and strength, concrete patio flooring should be your foremost pick. Apart from its durable feature, it can help to give your patio a ravishing look. And the best part of it all is that most concrete floorings are the cheapest form of flooring out there.

A concrete slab is usually very affordable. And when you intend to give it a priceless look, you can go the extra mile by painting it, having it stenciled, or using a decorative chip to give it a beautiful finish.

Another great feature of this type of flooring is its low-maintenance quality. You only have to sweep it and hose down from time to time to keep it clean.


2. Wood Patio Flooring

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When it comes to popularity, wood patio flooring reigns supreme. Wood is used for different types of buildings and furniture; patio flooring is no exception. Having a wood decking for your patio is a great idea – you can get it at a pocket-friendly price.

Wood patio flooring oozes longevity. It is stylish and can last for many years if properly maintained.

Nevertheless, natural wood might require additional maintenance to prevent it from rotting. Hot conditions might likely make it flammable. This is why wood patio flooring requires extra care and attention to avoid dangerous risks.

A composite wood decking, which is a mixture of plastic and wood particles, is a preferred alternative. It has a wood-like look and is highly durable.


3. Artificial Grass

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This form of patio flooring is by far one of the cheapest. It is the most sought-after alternative for grass in today’s world. So, if you crave a grassy type of patio flooring, then this should be your choice.

Artificial grass or turf is highly economical and feels like the real deal grass. As the owner, it requires little to nothing from you since you don’t have to mow the lawn or set up sprinklers or irrigation systems.

A high-quality turf looks exactly like grass. But unlike grass, it is not itchy. Your kids and pets can have fun on it while running around and having a filled day. It is a soft and cozy type of patio flooring where you can have your picnic or just lay down without bothering about having bugs or insects crawl over you.

During hot seasons, you can keep it cool and give it a natural look by adding HydroChill. Also, the cost of maintaining artificial grass is relatively lower when compared to real grass.

Another interesting feature of the artificial grass patio floorings is the diverse colors and textures they have, which allow you to have a plethora of options to choose from.


4. Outdoor Carpet

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These are often used for covered patios and areas that are not prone to a lot of water. The self-adhering backing of an outdoor carpet makes for a simple and secure installation.

It is usually very soft, comforting, and aesthetically appealing.  It gives you a much homier feeling outside your home than the brick and concrete patio flooring. You can create beautiful designs with your carpet by mixing different colors and beautifying it to your taste.

The best part is its very affordable price, which makes it economical and budget-friendly. You just have to ensure that you properly maintain it to keep it in good shape and guarantee its longevity. Occasional cleaning and vacuuming will do the trick.


5. Vinyl

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This is another cheap patio flooring option. It is ideal for commercial and residential applications.  Vinyl is easy to install, low in maintenance, and versatile for any type of indoor and outdoor flooring.

The cost of vinyl is about 70% lesser when compared to other flooring materials like stone, marble, ceramic tiles, and laminate floor marble. But this generally has to do with the type of vinyl you select. It comes in two major forms, namely: homogenous flooring and heterogeneous flooring.

The homogeneous flooring is a type of vinyl covering that comprises one single layer that offers the depth of the color and vibrancy to the flooring. The heterogeneous flooring is a multi-layered flooring that comes in different varieties of colorful patterns that give room for limitless design opportunities.

The vinyl has the feel and looks of a natural flooring material that makes it the foremost pick for homeowners, schools, offices, health care facilities, among others.  

Homogenous and heterogeneous vinyl patio floorings are very affordable and highly stain-resistant. A quality vinyl patio flooring can enable you to create a perfect and functional outdoor environment to relax with your family and friends.  It also comes in a diverse level of thickness, which helps to guarantee its durability.


6. Foam Tiling

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The foam tile usually comes in diverse shapes, sizes, and colors. Some foam tiles are specially designed for outdoor usage, especially beside pools and water play areas. They are soft, slip and water-resistant, non-porous, and durable. These features make your pool or patio decking safe, fun, stylish, and comfy.

They are perfect when next to the pool, and can help to keep little kids from slipping and falling on hard surfaces.

Another interesting feature of the foam tile patio flooring is that it can be antibacterial, anti-fungal, nontoxic and mold/mildew resistant. It also gives room for easy maintenance by simply wiping off the dirty area with a damp cloth.  


7. Brick Patio Flooring

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One incredible thing about bricks has to do with the different options of colors and patterns that you can choose from. They are a unique material that can be used for different purposes, such as building houses, outdoor fireplaces, and most importantly, a cozy patio.

Hence, they are the ideal and one of the most cost-effective patio flooring options out there. They are very durable and can last for decades, if not for a lifetime.

When properly maintained and installed correctly, a brick floor can last for a long period and retain its pristine look.

Another distinctive feature of the brick is that it can get slightly worn with age or time. When this happens, it adds even more character and personality to your patio floor. You also don’t have to worry about slipperiness because bricks are naturally slip-resistant.

Also, there is no wastage when it comes to bricks because they can be recycled to make reclaimed or recycled brick. This amazing feature makes them very exceptional and cheap.

Bricks are, however, naturally porous but boast of a hard exterior. Therefore, they can retain water if not well-sealed during installation. This may result in problems with mold and mildew later on.



Some patio flooring options are pretty expensive to obtain and maintain. But when it comes to the aforementioned options, you don’t have to worry about price because they are some of the cheapest and the best.

This article should serve as a great guide to help you to make the right decision when you set out to install your patio flooring or replace an old one without having to spend a fortune.

With this knowledge, you’d easily make the right choice if you’re an outdoorsy person who wishes to have great patio flooring for your home to give you a memorable outdoor experience.

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