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Ceiling Trends in 2023

Ceiling Trends in 2023

Design trends change with time and ceiling trends are no different. 2023 has witnessed the emergence and resurgence of several ceiling trends that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of different parts of the home.

Here are a few current trends for your ceiling design in 2023.

Popular ceiling materials

gypsum ceiling



This is a popular material for artificial ceilings and is available in the evenly-shaped squares that are factory produced.


Wood ceilings are a popular choice because they add a cozy, upscale or modern aesthetic to the design based on the choice of wood species. Installing wood ceilings involves fixing wood panels or blocks to the structural ceiling and adorning them with wood polish or veneer.

Wood is ideal for people who love simple aesthetics. It is a budget-friendly option for a ceiling and it adds a layer of warmth to the interior of a house.

There are different categories of wood designs you can consider such as planks, panels, and geometric forms.

Wood Panels

Wood panels are a popular option for wood ceilings because they look quite beautiful and fashion-forward.

You can obtain fluted panels to make your ceiling appear more stretched, which is ideal if you want to fashion the illusion of a more spacious room.

wood panels


Wood Planks

Ceilings with wood planks are not exactly a new idea because they are a prominent feature in most cabin interiors. Despite their prolonged use, they have become a fashionable part of ceiling designs in 2023.

Wood plank ceilings are one of the best ways to create a comfortable and moody aura in your home. Whether reclaimed, white-washed or driftwood, the appearance of wood planks keeps your home being anything but boring.

wooden planks

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Wooden Geometric Designs

Wood ceilings are available in geometric designs such as squares and rectangles that can be mixed with other designs like metallic elements, vibrant paint colors, and other contrasting materials.

Wooden geometric designs are wonderful concepts that grab attention while creating a cozy atmosphere. This works well in large spaces.

geometric ceiling


Plaster of Paris (POP)

This is a white powder mixed with water and sets rapidly in a desired shape. It is attached to a mesh which is then fastened as an artificial ceiling when dry.


Metal ceilings are made of metallic panels set up in a discernible grid. These panels are sold as tiles that are optimized for installation onto an existing frame.


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) ceilings are ideal if you are looking for an option to fit a moisture-prone environment like a balcony.

Stained glass

Stained glass can give your ceiling a beautiful appearance. You can also attach stained glass insets on other materials like Plaster of Paris, timber or gypsum to bolster a vibrant appearance on your ceilings.

Popular ceiling styles

Flat ceilings

flat ceiling


This is common in many modern homes featuring a completely even surface with no ridges, bumps or patterns. Flat ceilings are popular because they help homeowners achieve clean lines and a minimalist design.

Flat ceilings have a clean look that can give a home a modern feel, and can make small spaces feel brighter and larger. However, they can highlight imperfections, which makes many people resort to a textured surface.

Barrel vault ceilings

barell ceiling


This is a decorative ceiling style that features a series of arches in a side by side sequence. The ceiling gets its name from the round barrel-like shape, and can be made from stone, concrete or wood.

It is typically used to soften a room’s edges and make it appear larger in some cases. Smaller homes can benefit from the design of this ceiling.

Such a design can support adornments such as large curved glass pieces which makes the barrel vault ceilings ideal for arched entryways.

Cathedral ceilings

cathedral ceiling


This type of ceiling is slanted and follows the roof line to result in an extra-tall space. Thus, the ceiling is formed by straight lines running parallel to the slope of a roof, making them typically symmetrical.

Cathedral ceilings do not always have to be extremely tall. Experts indicate that you can work with the roof line you have, even when fairly shallow. It still results in a space that feels bright, airy and stylish.

Popular ceiling design trends

false ceilings


Layering false ceilings

Experts consider layering up a false ceiling design for high-traffic areas like living rooms. Layering can introduce a sense of majesty in a room, while creating the opportunity to try different combinations of textures and hues.

Layers have always been a good approach to experimenting with different media that are adaptable to creating a unique ceiling design. Layering can also give the appearance of a larger space.

layering ceiling


You can use a variety of materials and colors to give a quirky yet fun appearance. Such a setup can work well for the false ceilings in children’s rooms.

However, you do not want to go overboard when layering false ceilings as this may look tacky and not well thought-out.

Lattice work

Lattice work can softly define a space while greatly enhancing the beauty of your home. The design of latticework is quite attractive, particularly when different designs and hues are fused together.

This type of design allows you to maintain some traditional aesthetics while expressing some creativity.

Peripheral ceiling design

peripheral ceilings

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A peripheral ceiling design is a minimalist installation that runs along the corners of a room, and is ideal for low-ceiling spaces. It is a great way to maximize the use of a ceiling space and add the illusion of height in a room.

You can compliment this design by installing diffused cove lights around the edge of the room. This is a fantastic way of evenly distributing light across a room.

A peripheral ceiling design also makes it possible to adorn a space with beautiful lights like chandeliers at the center of the room. This ceiling design gives a room the feeling of grandeur.

Painted ceilings

When talking about ceilings, people typically envision a white or neutral-colored ceiling. New trends that have emerged involve painting your ceilings in a fashion-forward color such as coral, classic blue, gray, and ultramarine green.

Colored ceilings are perfect for making different rooms look more exclusive and luxurious, especially if the space features simple décor and neutral colors.

You can have your ceiling painted in whichever color you choose. Experts generally recommend using dusty and matte tones instead of luminous hues which can be distracting.

Wallpapers on ceilings

wallpaper ceiling

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Putting eye-catching wallpapers on ceilings is one of the trends that has emerged in 2023. Incorporating a wallpaper is a wonderful idea especially if you want your ceiling to make a statement that draws attention.

You can choose wallpapers with different kinds of patterns such as simple lines, fancy ornaments and geometric designs.

If you want to settle for something simple, you can seek out wallpapers that mimic the appearance of raw materials like stone, wood or concrete.

The installation of wallpaper is quite simple and does not require professional input. You can select waterproof variants of wallpaper which are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms where the ceiling is prone to exposure to water.


There are many ceiling designs to choose from, and you can easily find one that suits your budget, style, and desired functionality.

Consider the trends explored here and do some research on what supplies are available in your location to settle for a ceiling design that will satisfy you and perfectly compliment the design of your home.

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