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Best Home Gym Equipment for Beginners

Best Home Gym Equipment for Beginners

A fitness journey does not always have to be intimidating or overwhelming, since this notion scares away many people from embarking on a consistent fitness regimen.

As a beginner, many pieces of gym equipment can help you get your fitness journey off the ground.

Here are a few suggestions for the best possible home gym equipment for beginners.

150-pound dumbbell set

dumbbell set

If possible, find a dumbbell set with an included stand. This is ideal for individuals who want a gentle introduction to strength training. You can look for hexagonal-shaped dumbbells that do not roll away on the ground when you set them down in between workout sets.

Look for a set that has about five different pairs of dumbbells, as these will help you gradually work your way up to heavier weights as you become more used to strength training. This is preferable to sling heavy weights right off the bat, as you can closely monitor progress and get more comfortable with different movements.



This is a weighted metal bar onto which bumper plates of different weights can be attached to make for an adjustable strength training piece of equipment.

Fitness experts recommend starting this form of strength training using bare barbells before transitioning to fitting them with bumper plates.

When shopping for a barbell, ensure that it is sturdy and can be used comfortably before loading it with bumper plates. You should also consider the weight capacity specified on the barbell so that whichever set of bumper plates you choose for it does not exceed the capacity of the barbell.

Bumper plates

weight plates

Bumper plates are high-density steel weights wrapped in high-density rubber that are designed to fit on standard barbells. Unlike fully metal plates, bumper plates are less likely to damage your floor when you drop them down from a distance.

Bumper plates are sold in sets and pairs and generally offer good value for the price they are sold at. Most bumper plates are sold with long warranty periods, which offers buyers some peace of mind when first acquiring them.

However, you may want to be wary of dropping these plates on the ground. Lighter plates tend to crack first after being repeatedly dropped. Consider soft gym flooring or exercise mats when using rubber-coated bumper plates.



A treadmill is a stationary cardio machine on which you can run, jog and walk indoors at adjustable speeds and inclines. These variations change the intensity of workouts at the push of a button.

Home treadmill models are generally lighter, less expensive, and offer fewer metrics compared to professional models installed in gyms. Additionally, you can opt for manual treadmills which are even lighter.

The belt surface of a treadmill is softer and thus more forgiving compared to asphalt or concrete. Thus, working out on treadmills reduces the frequency and seriousness of any potential slips, falls, and other injuries associated with training outdoors.

Exercise mat

exercise mat

A fitness mat is a small piece of padding with various thicknesses and stiffness that is used to cushion the underfoot during home workouts. They are ideal for reducing the damage caused by high-impact workouts, and they work well for any workouts done directly on the ground.

If you are interested in Pilates, yoga, and many other forms of strength and endurance training, you may want to consider exercise mats to ensure you don’t injure yourself from repeatedly coming in contact with the hard floor.

Resistance bands

resistance bands

These are elastic bands designed for strength training, physical therapy, and recovery exercises. Resistance bands are ideal for toning and strengthening muscles, and stretching the upper body and their portability means they can be used in a variety of environments.

Factors to consider when choosing home gym equipment for beginners

gym equipment


To save money and space, fitness experts recommend looking for equipment that can be used in many different physical exercises.

Consider equipment like dumbbell sets, adjustable workout benches, medicine balls, exercise mats, resistance bands, suspension trainers, and battle ropes.

Construction materials

From dumbbells to workout benches, gym equipment is constructed using different materials which affect their durability and longevity.

Ensure that you purchase equipment made from sturdy materials which do not easily bend, scratch, or break within a short period of owning them.


Take the dimensions of your home gym space and try to map them out roughly on a piece of paper. Then, find out the sizes of any large equipment that cannot be easily moved for use and storage. Plot these measurements onto a piece of paper with the measurements of your home gym space.

While it may feel tedious, this is a sure way of ensuring that whatever equipment you purchase will easily fit into your workout space.

If you have one of the newer and technically advanced smartphones, you may be able to do this size comparison using Augmented Reality (AR) applications which can visualize the sizes of objects relative to their position in a physical space.

Customer reviews

customer review

Most of the products you are interested in have likely drawn interest from other people who have acquired, used them, and posted their experience on the internet.

Look out for user reviews when browsing fitness products, and read what people have to say about these products. While all of the posts may not be equally reliable, perusing several reviews will give you a general idea of what to expect.


You do not need to be a fitness guru to work out at home. The items mentioned above can help you get started on your fitness journey. Remember that with enough physical space and an adjustable budget, you can grow your home gym setup over time.

Focus on the basics of physical workout and add more gym equipment as you become more adept with knowledge about working out. Slow and steady growth is preferable to starting with expensive equipment which may be too advanced for your workout needs as a beginner in the fitness journey.

Try to do some research on the internet and contact any fitness enthusiasts you may know so that you have the best possible advice when choosing what equipment to start your workout journey with.

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