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Best Home Gym Equipment

Best Home Gym Equipment

Every home gym needs to be fitted with a range of products and equipment that help you work towards your fitness goals.

Here are a few suggestions for the best gym equipment to suit a home gym.

Workout mat

workout mat

Fitness mats are about five feet long, at least half an inch thick and are generally large. They come in different shapes and sizes, and you can choose from a wide range to suit different types of workouts.

There are 

  • Pilates mats, & yoga mats that are a bit thinner because they are meant for low-impact exercises, 
  • foam mats, and floor protectors which are laid under other fitness equipment to prevent any floor damage.

Apart from preventing floor damage, gym equipment mats help you keep your exercise machines in place. Equipment like treadmills and peloton machines can vibrate when in use, and thus may slowly shift position.

Equipment mats are a good replacement for professional gym flooring. They offer some cushioning from hard floors and minimize the effect of physical impact, particularly from repetitive exercise. A soft gym floor is safe, and comfortable and is preferred by many athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Even if you have soft gym flooring, it may not be rigid enough to support the weight of some gym equipment, many of which are quite heavy and can be fitted with aftermarket plates. To prevent any indentations from heavy pieces of equipment, it is important to consider equipment mats.

Resistance bands

Resistance bands

These are elastic bands that are tailored for use in strength training. Resistance bands are also commonly used for physical therapy, more specifically by people recovering from muscular injuries. and those undergoing cardiac rehabilitation who need to slowly rebuild their strength.

Typically, resistance bands are finished in different colors to indicate different resistance levels. However, these colors may differ between brands so be sure to check what kind of band you are acquiring.

Resistance bands are easy to use compared to other fitness equipment, and their portability allows them to be carried when traveling to ensure some consistency and routine in strength training.

Workout bench

workout bench

Also known as a fitness bench, a workout bench is used in a combination of strength exercises and together with weights. A workout bench ensures that you can either lie down or sit in a reclined position that is ideal for different strength training exercises.

  • When looking for a workout bench, consider
  •  the adjustability of the piece of equipment, 
  • the maximum user capacity, 
  • the physical dimensions, 
  • enough padding so that you do not slip, and 
  • any extras such as transport wheels, retractable arms.

Heavy bag

punching bag

Also referred to as a punching bag, a heavy bag is a sturdy and large bag designed to be punched repeatedly. It is usually cylindrical and filled with materials of appropriate hardness, and it weighs around 200 pounds.

While the most obvious use for a heavy bag is to practice jabs, crosses and hooks.

Workouts using a heavy bag can help you with strength training for explosive power, improve technique and obtain better balance and hand-eye coordination. The occasional punching practice can help you reduce stress and work off some aggression built up during one’s life.

Working out with a heavy bag also helps you build up some endurance, since staying on your toes and constantly transferring your weight from one foot to another is a good way to gain some balance and stability.



A treadmill is a piece of gym equipment with a looping belt that is driven by a motor. The continuous loop spins at an adjustable rate to allow you to walk or run on the piece of equipment without having to move from one place to another, staying in a confined space.

Treadmills are quite popular in many home gyms because they provide a simple and efficient aerobic workout that can meet many different fitness objectives.

Many people prefer treadmills to running or walking outdoors. This is because they provide a flat and predictable surface that is easier to negotiate compared to working out amidst curbs, sidewalks, traffic footpaths and trails and other things that are common on roads.

Treadmills are also popular because nearly every aspect of working out using them can be controlled by the user. These include speed, incline, warm-ups, cool-downs and energy spent on working out.

Treadmills feature useful tools such as heart rate monitors, speed recording and step counters. These tools provide useful metrics that improve the tracking of fitness programs.

Other benefits are realized when considering other activities in the home setting. You can do other things while using your treadmill like reading a book, listening to your favorite podcast or watching television, among other activities that can keep exercise interesting.

Indoor cycle bike

indoor cycle

Often referred to as spinning, indoor cycling is a form of exercise that mimics riding a bicycle while focusing on strength, intensity sessions, endurance and recovery. This is done using a stationary exercise bicycle with a weighted flywheel.

Many indoor cycle bikes have electronic tracking of speed, distance and other metrics like calories burned during sessions. They offer similar benefits to a treadmill, with the main difference being the cycling activity rather than running, jogging or walking.

Indoor cycling is a good aerobic exercise which boosts brain health, reduces stress levels and improves moods.


The equipment you put in your home gym mainly depends on your exercise goals, the available space, the nature of the workouts you intend to do and the budget you allocate for setting up your home gym.

Even if it is a spare room, or an empty garage, anywhere with enough space for free movement and storing gym equipment nearby will be enough for working out.

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