4 bedroom house plan

All You Need to Know About a 4-Bedroom House

4 bedroom house plan

Having 4 bedrooms is ideal for housing growing families and gives you the luxury to set up a home office or an extra guest bedroom. 4-bedroom house designs also have space for large kitchens and expansive living areas for you and your loved ones to relax, get together and entertain guests.

An elegant 4-bedroom house plan typically has detailed features such as a spacious living room, an adjoining dining room, a kitchen, bedrooms and a storage room among other options that homeowners may choose. They also have 3 bathrooms distributed around the space.

A 4-bedroom house features a master ensuite bedroom, 2 additional bedrooms that share a bathroom, 1 more bedroom and a bathroom shared by other rooms.

A 4-bedroom house also features a kitchen, an external utility space, and an external terrace.

What to look for in a 4-bedroom house

4 bedroom house plan

Family setup

4-bedroom houses are ideal for big families who experience a need for more space to accommodate them under one roof. To find the right fit, you need to figure out what your family needs.

Do you have younger children, older ones or are you getting a space to prepare for the future? Do you need a separate space dedicated for purposes like a home library or office? Do you want everyone to have their own room or will there be room-sharing?

By getting an overview of what is key to your family’s needs, you will be able to assess designs, properties, and dimensions better.

Space allocation

Once you have a checklist for what you would want in your house, match any listings you find with your needs. Understanding the ideal space allocation that fits your lifestyle is important when you are looking to settle in a new home.

Growth plans

Your house should allow for expansion with your family, and accommodating any extra needs means identifying and preparing elements of the home that can be renovated or customized after a few years.

Think about open spaces that can be fashioned into a playpen as children grow, and extra parking space when another member of the household will be driving their cars.


Having a house that accommodates a family is just as much about the location as it is about the architecture. You want to find an ideal location that offers short travel time to work and school, in addition to safety.

Whatever your needs and preferences are, you can look around to find a suburb that works well for your family.

Factors that determine the cost of building a 4-bedroom house

4 bedroom house

Location of the building site

The area of a construction site affects the price of building a 4-bedroom house, mainly because of transportation costs, soil features, and topography. The further the source of a material supplier and raw materials, the more the costs incurred in transporting the materials.

Some regions also retail construction materials at different prices, and this may be down to regional economic differences.


If the ground on a site is on slanting ground, more materials will be used in construction, thus driving up the cost of building a 4-bedroom house. On the other hand, when building on flat ground, less raw materials and labor will be used.

Nature of soil

Types of soil have different moisture levels and stability. Soils like black and cotton soils are weaker and need the support of floating slabs placed on the foundation of the house.

This results in using many strong metal bars to create the floating slab, thus making it more costly. Soils like red soil are more compact and hold up strong foundations that require less materials.

Materials used

The type and quality of construction materials used in building a 4-bedroom house affect the overall costs of building the house.

Materials like blocks and natural stones are more expensive than bricks. Thus, if you choose to do a foundation wall using stones, the overall cost will be different compared to using bricks.

You can consult a contractor or another construction professional who can help you determine what materials can be used for your construction within your budget.


The design of a house determines important factors like shapes and dimensions which change the costs of building a house. Decide whether you want a bungalow, a cottage, or any other inspired theme, and figure out what you can manage with your budget.

Sizes of the rooms

The smaller the rooms, the smaller the overall area of the house will be, and this will reduce the total cost. The inverse is expected when working with larger rooms.

If you want a 4-bedroom house with a modest size, look up the ideal size of rooms you want and contact a construction expert to help you explore the most efficient size possible

The advantages of a 4-bedroom house

4 bedroom house

Eat-in kitchen

A large home accommodates a large kitchen which can offer the efficiency of an eat-in kitchen as one of the appealing factors. You can tailor your kitchen with an island, cabinets, pull-out drawers and seating options. This can be used as a breakfast nook where you can enjoy preparing for your days.


All families need a space to get dry and shake off the mud and dust before going into the main house. A 4-bedroom house can host a mudroom where shoes, jackets, umbrellas, rainwear, and sports gear can be stored.

Laundry room

Large families need a dedicated laundry room on the main floor away from traffic paths. It can be outfitted with cabinets and counters to increase its utility and storage capacity.

Bonus room

A 4-bedroom house gives homeowners to expand into unexpected living situations. One can design the space for a fifth bedroom or a bonus room that serves a dedicated purpose. These include an exercise room, a home office, a playroom, a media room, or a reading room.

Outdoor living spaces

Big homes can support outdoor ideas such as covered front and rear porches, patios, and gazebos among others. These can be fitted with creature comforts and modern amenities to improve the outdoor experience.


A 4-bedroom house is ideal for families of between 4 to 6 people.

Regardless of the size of rooms, materials used, and location built upon, you need a good house plan, competent construction professionals, and an adequate budget to build the 4-bedroom house of your dreams.

Check out available house plans to identify one for a 4-bedroom house that suits your needs. Find a plan that feels right and view the images and dimensions to visualize how you and your loved ones will move around it.

Every house is different in its own way, and what makes a 4-bedroom house a home is how well you adapt to it and customize it to fit your needs.

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