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Everything You Should Know About Kitchen Taps

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Regardless of whether you are looking to refresh your dull kitchen or simply give it a complete makeover, choosing a picture-perfect kitchen tap is an underestimated yet crucial step. This small finishing touch impeccably transforms the overall look and presentation of your kitchen.

After all, your tap is among the most used fixtures in your kitchen. You might as well kill two birds with one stone by choosing a durable design that meets your needs while complimenting your space. 

And seeing as it may be daunting to choose a good tap from the numerous varieties, we have rounded up a list of everything you should know about kitchen taps to help you find the perfect one. Let us dive in, shall we?

Pull-Down and Pull-Out Kitchen Taps

pull out kitchen tap


Pull-down kitchen taps are commonly referred to as ‘gooseneck taps’ because of their high “U” arc shape that resembles goosenecks. All in all, this elegant tap design has a distinctive look that instantly injects a modern twist and adds glamor to your kitchen.

Their flexible nature allows the user better control because you can literally “pull down” the spout and extend it around the sink. This way, rinsing soapy dishes, maneuvering around the sink to fill tall pots with water, washing off stubborn stains, and cleaning large cooking utensils becomes a breeze.

Whilst they may transform your kitchen, these beauties are only suitable for deep large sinks. They may cause heavy splashing and look out of place in small sinks.

Pull-out kitchen taps on the other hand, have a detachable head that allows you to adjust flow and access a wide range of areas around the sink. Their outstanding nature means that you will have an aesthetically pleasing kitchen with a traditional vibe. 

 And unlike the pull-down model, they are space savers. Implying that they are perfect for small apartments with compact and shallow sinks.

Pillar Kitchen Taps


pillar kitchen taps


When it comes to pillar kitchen taps, you have two separate taps; one for hot water and the other for cold water. So, if you are looking to renovate a two-hole kitchen sink, then you can never go wrong with these beauties because whatever style you are looking to recreate, pillar taps are quality and dependable.

With different colors in the finishing touches to different handles, pillar taps come in an array of varieties for you to choose from. And whether you want a matte black or gold finishing touch, you can easily customize their handles as per your liking. 

Moreover, this tap model introduces a traditional timeless-like style in your kitchen. It is not only an old school and classic brand but it is also highly regarded in most homes because it is cost effective.

Monobloc Kitchen Taps

Monobloc Kitchen Taps


Simple yet sophisticated, monobloc taps are an upgrade of mixer taps for a one tap-hole sink. Rather than two different taps, a single spout is bounded by one or two handles. This model design controls the temperature range and flow of water, delivering a mix of hot and cold water. 

Monobloc taps are highly adaptable in kitchens especially if you are looking to spruce up your space with an eye-catching detail with a modern and traditional twist. The likes of a rose gold and matte black finish are the perfect aesthetic match for those looking for a timeless vibe while chrome and stainless steel finishes channel a contemporary vibe.

Wall Mounted Kitchen Taps

wall mounted tap


Are you looking to declutter your kitchen sink? Perhaps make way for your kitchen detergents on the sink. Why not incorporate wall mounted kitchen taps? They literally protrude out of the wall, just as the name suggests, leaving you with more room around your sink.

While wall mounted taps are understated, they have beautifully crafted outstanding features that give your kitchen a deluxe feel with minimal effort. And depending on the kind of décor you want in your kitchen in terms of style and aesthetics, this model comes in a wide range of options for you to choose from.

Touchless Kitchen Taps

touchless tap


With the revolution of the digital age, sensor kitchen taps are gradually taking over our homes. And like other smart home gadgets, they give us better convenience and ease as we carry on with our daily tasks. Not to mention how sleek and stunning they look on the kitchen countertop. 

You have probably already seen these sensor taps in public restrooms. But did you know that these beautiful models are available for your personal kitchen too? Yes, these kitchen beauties are now popular for their user-friendly and eco-friendly nature that saves on water as compared to other taps. 

With the reduced urgency to touch the fixture to get water flowing, this hands-free model is guaranteed to maintain a more hygienic cooking environment. Furthermore, it can fill a glass or measuring cup up to a precise point, taking luxury and comfort to a whole other level. What a cleverly designed invention, right?

Boiling Water Kitchen Taps

boiling water taps

(Image credit: QETTLE)

Imagine the luxury of accessing instant boiling water directly from your tap to make pasta or to brew a nice cup of coffee to jumpstart your day without the hustle of using the kettle. You get to save on time and energy. How amazing would that be?

This smart kitchen fixture comes in a 2-in-1 functionality that serves regular water alongside boiling water or a 3-in-1 model where you have access to cold, warm, and instantly boiled water. Alternatively, there is a 4-in-1 model that dispenses regular hot and cold water, boiling water, and filtered water free from any impurities.

If you reside in a hard water area, boiling taps will definitely be worth your while. This is because unlike when using a kettle, they are fitted with a filter that reduces the accumulation of limescale. Plus, we can all agree that less limescale means better taste.

To enhance safety, these smartly crafted taps are delivered with low pressure to reduce the risks of heavy splashing that may cause burns. Similarly, there is a safety button one has to hold down to initialize the flow of instant boiling water. This way, you reduce accidents since you cannot possibly leave hot water running and hurt yourself.

Final Thoughts

When it is time to revamp or upscale your kitchen, changing your kitchen tap is a genius and significant starting point. Now that you are informed about the various kitchen taps, choosing the perfect one should be a breeze. After all, knowledge is power. From stylish exquisite designs to rather simple yet chic models, choose wisely and transform your space with minimum effort.

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