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Choosing Dining Room Furniture

dining room furniture

The dining room is one of the spaces in a house that can serve multiple functions. It is a place to share meals with the family and can be converted to a workstation if you’re working from home. 

Some of the things to pay attention to when selecting dining room furniture include:

Dining Room Furniture Seat Height

dining room seat height

You need to pick appropriate chairs to match the height of the dining table. A chair that seats much higher than the table would have some discomfort and would stand out like a sore thumb. 

A chair that seats lower than the table height is similarly uncomfortable and looks ridiculous when in use. Also, remember to keep the height of dining chairs consistent with one another. 

This is particularly important when mixing and matching different styles. It would look and feel odd to have people seated at different heights when seated together to enjoy a meal.

Color of the dining table

dining room colour

It is advisable to consider basic colors and neutral tones such as white and brown compared to bright and trendy tones. 

Using neutral tones will result in an easier time when attempting to match a dining table with the décor of the dining room and your home in general. 

These tones also last longer because they are more resistant and forgiving to spills and splashes that stand out more in brighter colors.



How much are you willing to spend? While hardwood tables do not come cheap, they do not require much when it comes to maintenance. 

Your budget determines what kind of tables and chairs you can get. You don’t have to break the bank to realize a stunning setting. 

you can take the time to find the options that suit your style and budget.

The space available

dining room space

The amount of space you dedicate to a dining space you have will determine the dining room furniture that you are going to get.

Take measurements before you shop so that you know exactly how much space you have. Keep in mind that you need at least three feet between the table and the nearest wall so that you have enough room for chairs and there is enough clearance to move around the table easily.

If you have a small space, consider a square or round table and if you have a larger space, you can consider a rectangular or oval table. 

To be sure of what dimensions you are working with, you can start by measuring the size of the area you intend to dedicate to a dining table. Then subtract the aforementioned six feet i.e. three feet from each side (182 centimeters) from the obtained measurements to get the target length and width of a table.

The type of usage

dining room table furniture

How often do you use your table and what do you use it for? Your answer to these questions determines the shape and material you should choose for your table. 

For example, an extendable table would be good if you host often but you have a small family, and you would like to use a smaller table. 

Heavily used tables should be made out of sturdy and durable materials while a more delicate and decorative material can be used for a table that isn’t used too often. 

If you are renting, you may want to consider a lightweight but durable material. This is because you may need to move at some point, and the last thing you want is to deal with cumbersome and heavy furniture that may be damaged or difficult to move during the transition.

The style of the room and the house in general

room decor

You should consider the style you want to have in the dining room and choose a table that will blend well with the style you’re going for. In case you decide to mix and match a table with different chairs, make sure the styles match and there is symmetry.

One way to achieve symmetry while trying out a bold color spectrum is by keeping a consistent style of chairs while varying the colors. 

If you seek to vary the designs and types of chairs, you may want to limit the colors to hues and tones that complement each other. The overall style of the dining space should be a tether that guides you through decision-making processes in design.

You can achieve a cohesive aesthetic appearance by mixing and matching the style of chairs in pairs. This can be pursued by matching two chairs on opposing ends of your dining table, resulting in a symmetrical and composed look that adds more detail and personality compared to an all-in matching furniture set.

Designers have long noted that black and white chairs are a low-risk alternative that adheres to the trend of monochromatic design, which you may want to consider if the rest of the house follows a similar design language.

The construction of the dining table

dining room style

The joinery seldom lies. To know how well the table has been constructed, check for a wobble or gaps at the joints. 

Wooden pieces that are directly adjoined to other pieces of wood form a strong structure, while wooden pieces connected with hooks and metal attachments have more compromised overall strength.

For a seamless aesthetic, pair wooden tables with wooden seating options that have a similar tone and finishing. 


Don’t pass up good dining room furniture just because it doesn’t look perfect to you. 

While a dining room set is a common concept, mixing and matching are also a good option. 

To find good seats, make sure the scale and style of the table and seats are compatible, the seat height is comfortable and the seats can comfortably fit under the table.

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