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If you have some funds to invest, there are many ways to grow your money sustainably and reliably. One option that is often considered is building and owning an apartment.

While it is not always the most hands-off alternative, it carries the potential of huge benefits of capital appreciation, inflation hedge, cash flow, and tax benefits among other things.

Here is a crash course on everything you need to know about building an apartment.

How do you plan an apartment building?

apartment building

Determine the criteria for the apartment

Before considering prospective vacant properties, ask yourself some questions to determine what the apartment building should look like. These include but are not limited to;

  •  Who are the intended tenants?
  • What is the monthly upkeep rate?
  • What is the possible monthly rent fee?
  • What is the budget estimation of potential renovations?
  • What role will the location play in any marketing efforts?

Look for land

Shopping for vacant plots is an important step and you need to keep the intended purpose of the apartment in mind for you to choose a suitable location.

Once you have narrowed it down to a desired area, find individual properties and compare their features. Experts advise contacting real estate agents to point you in the right direction.

Decide on the building plan and size

The next step is to write out a plan for the vision of the apartment building which will keep you from falling into common pitfalls. Consider elements such as;

  • The house layout
  • The house grounds
  • The number of bathrooms
  • The number of bedrooms
  • The square footage

Prepare a budget estimate

apartment building

Constructing an apartment building requires significant amounts of financial resources and materials. Construction experts advise setting a maximum amount to spend before starting the construction process to ensure you do not exceed your initial spending limits.

Building an apartment can be costly, and many investors face the need to borrow all or part of the capital before starting. One should note that getting a loan for construction is more challenging than acquiring a traditional mortgage.

An experienced construction professional will help you set out a budget and plan for the little details you may not have considered yet.

Obtain permission from relevant authorities

It is common for apartment buildings to be demolished for lacking solid evidence of ownership. There are many obstacles encountered when navigating the legalities of apartment construction. Therefore, you should seek out the relevant authorities and get the needed approvals and permits.

While these documents vary from one place to another, here are some documents that are necessary in most jurisdictions.

  • Structural report
  • Sectional drawings
  • Land survey
  • Land documents
  • Soil test report
  • Architect certificate

Enlist construction professionals

construction professionals

Undertaking any construction process without the help and insight of experts can be a costly mistake. While it may give the initial appearance of saving money, foregoing construction experts can be detrimental to the overall success of the project.

Construction experts understand the entire process and can help you make the construction process feel seamless. Therefore, you should consider the following construction experts when building an apartment complex.

  • Architect – helps to ensure compliance with regulations, choosing subcontractors, creating the house plan and providing cost estimates and material requirements.
  • Quantity surveyor – helps arrange subcontractor payments, handling legal matters, cost management and bill of quantity preparations.
  • Electrical engineer – helps with plumbing and air systems design, proper equipment maintenance, designing, testing and installing electrical systems and ensuring the building meets all electrical codes and regulations.
  • Construction engineer – inspects the design to make sure they meet standards, supervises subcontractors, hires them and acquires construction equipment.

Begin the building process

Once you have a good team on your side, it is time to start construction. It is important to continuously monitor the progress and your budgets and timelines. The average time to construct the apartment building depends on several factors like size, the labor force and the complexity of the chosen design.

Core construction stages include;

  • Preparing the land
  • Laying the foundation
  • Framing the structure
  • Installing plumbing and electrical features
  • Roofing
  • Interior and exterior finishing
  • Flooring

What makes a good apartment building?

apartment building


Tenants prefer a neighborhood that is within walking distance of amenities and facilities, thus being close to a main road and ample transport options is ideal.


People prefer apartments that are safe, secure, and in a safe neighborhood. No one wants to live in a place where they feel uneasy and like they have to constantly look over their shoulder.

Newer apartments feature doors and gates that require card swiping before granting access.

Noise pollution

Noise pollution from street traffic, communal areas and living under a flight path can make people uncomfortable. Try to soundproof the apartment to an extent to block out excess noise.


Many people want a secure parking spot and on-street parking options for their homes.


A well-laid-out apartment that flows well from one room to another attracts buyers and tenants alike. Spaces should be well set out, and external areas like terraces, balconies and courtyards provide extra space.


Extra storage space is always a benefit that helps to declutter apartment spaces. Any storage space ought to be clean, and secure and does not become damp. Being easily accessible is a nice bonus.


Using proper planning and budgeting from the start of the project, you can achieve your goal of building a good apartment building while keeping within your initial budget estimates.

However, experts advise adding 10% of your budget to cater to unexpected costs that arise during the process.

Try to prepare for cost overruns when working out the construction costs of a new apartment building. Ensure that your budget is not predominantly consumed by high-end materials like flooring and elaborate landscaping.

Also, remember that investing in luxury materials and finishes can be recouped as the price of the property increases exponentially.

Ensure you enlist experienced construction professionals and that you cover every possible element of the apartment building before you start your construction process.

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