Valuable tips when building a small house



Combine spaces, but define them. The trend toward great rooms connecting the kitchen to the living room and/or dining room has remained for some time. To continue that vast, open feel but still define each space, incorporate subtle room separation with columns, by changing the floor height with a sunken sitting area, or by simply changing the flooring.

Find a happy medium for ceiling heights. To maintain the grand effect of a high ceiling, incorporate soffits or trim to create shadow lines; sculpted ceilings create interest and draw the eye upward.

Create separation between rooms: It is easy to have noise disturbance from other rooms in a small house. It is therefore a good idea to separate the master bedroom on the plan in order not to have interference from other bedrooms.

Get organized. Clutter can make smaller spaces feel cramped and uncomfortable. Use the “ship-building” theory of “a place for everything” by thinking out where everyday items, such as vacuum cleaners, will go. Upgrade closets with built-in organization systems rather than just rods. Make sure you have the correct house plans BEFORE you start on any construction to avoid having to break down any walls during construction.

Keep the roof simple: Complex roofs tend to get messy on smaller houses. Complex roof lines not only add significant cost, but the risk of future leaks. A simple, not too steep roof will protect your investment over time.

Let in the light. Daylighting goes beyond installing extra traditional windows with typical views. Something as simple as installing a ribbon of windows above or below kitchen cabinets can help brighten up the space and make it feel larger. In bathrooms, high, narrow windows let in light while maintaining privacy; transoms on interior bedroom walls are another option.

Use bright colors: Light colors in the interior of the house will make it feel larger than when using dark colors. Stick to neautral colors such as broken white or very light shades of brown, green or yellow.