Gatehouse design - ID 21102

Plan Specifications

  • 1 bath

  • 1 bedroom

  • 2 stories

  • 93 sq m

  • Length 6m

  • Mechanical Drawings

  • Structural Drawings

  • Width 14m


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Plan Description

This 93-square-meter gatehouse has a simple floor plan that will help you stand out in the neighborhood. A simple space planning allows for a nice flow between the floor levels. A store is on the ground floor with a gate and car passage space. There is a bedroom with a bathroom on the first floor for the guard's rest area.

Plan Details

Features Drawings List

Stories: 2
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Store: 1
Roof terrace: 1r

Floor Plans
Roof Plan
Construction Details
Doors and windows schedule
Schematic electrical layout plan
Septic tank and Soak away pit

Structural Drawings
Bill of Quantities BOQ (Without rates)
Schedule of Materials
Mechanical Drawings

*Drawings delivered in PDF and DWG Format
*BOQ delivered in Excel Format (Editable)

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