Modern 6 bedroom mansion - ID 36804

Plan Specifications

  • 3 stories

  • 6 bedrooms

  • 8 baths

  • 1043 sq m

  • Length 19m

  • Structural Drawings

  • Width 33m


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Plan Description

An impressive mansion, a modern 6 bedroom house plan on a plot with a slope. 3 separate floors to give your family ample room to live in.

A modern house plan design, with all the living spaces on the ground floor. A circular plan defines the living room, front porch, stairs, and entry hall. Also, on the ground floor, there is a master bedroom, guest bath, dining room, kitchen, and store. Other rooms include a mini bar, 2-car garage with its own store.

On the first floor, this modern house has 5 ensuite rooms which also include 2 large master rooms. Also, there's an office, a family room with its own balcony, and a store room on this floor.

This 6 bedroom modern mansion has a basement floor as a result of the sloped site. The basement has a gym, a veranda, and a changing room that has a shower and a WC. Some more rooms here, include a store, and a laundry. No matter what you need or want to add, this plan is ready for it all!

Plan Details

Features Drawings List
Stories: 3
Bedrooms: 6
Ensuite rooms: 6
Toilets/ bath: 8
Living room: 1
Mini bar/Kitchenette: 1
Dining: 1
Dining Porch: 1
Kitchen: 1
Store: 3
Family: 3
Office: 1
Balcony: 3
Front Porch: 1
Laundry : 1
Veranda : 2
Changing room: 1
Shower: 1
Gym: 1
Balcony : 2
Garage Store: 1
Garage: 2 Cars

Foundation Plan
Floor Plans
Roof Plan
Construction Details
Doors and windows schedule
Floor finishes and furniture layout plan
Schematic Electrical layout plan
Schematic Clean water layout plan
Schematic Foul water layout plan
Septic tank and Floor Finish

Structural drawings

*Drawings delivered in PDF and DWG Format