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Write for Us | A Blog Home Improvement, House Design Ideas and Inspirations Blog

Guidelines for having your article featured on Maramani.com

Are you an expert writer in home improvement and would you like to write for us in any of the topics like home improvement ideas, home renovation, DIY decor, home decoration, kitchen remodeling tips, gardening, home security systems?

If your answer is YES, then read our 10 guest post guidelines before your submit your article with us.

10 Guest Post Guidelines to read before you proceed

  • Article should be unique and well written
  • Article count should be minimum 1000 words
  • Article should be written in English language
  • Write up should contain at-least one subheading
  • Links to adult website or restricted website will not be allowed
  • Once your article published in this blog, you shouldn’t publish in other blogs in future
  • Editorial team has rights to add text and relevant link in the article
  • The title of the blog post should be maximum 160 characters
  • You can your author bio at the end of the article (If required)
  • Article should be related to home improvement tips, renovation ideas, home decoration, gardening, kitchen, security systems, Construction Technics, Home Makover Projects, Interior design and any other home related niche

Who Can Write For Us

If you are an expert in writing home improvement related stuff or if you are a company or brand looking for outreach then you can write article for us and we will do the publishing process free of charge

How to Write Guest Post

If you read above mentioned guidelines and want to start writing for us, then follow the below simple article structure.

  • The article title will be in H1 tag
  • Add upto 5 H2 tags
  • Have a clear introduction paragraph which talks about the whole article
  • You must have a clear conclusion at the end of the article so that our blog reader can easily get the point
  • Add relevant images in article body(If applicable)

When it Will be Published

Our internal team will review the article within 3 working days and it will be published as soon as possible if the article which you wrote met the guidelines.

How to Submit Your Article with Us

Once you are done with writing the article for us, you can directly send it to this email id editor@maramani.com in text or formatted html or in word file


We are currently accepting Guests posts Free of Charge so this is the best time to reach out.



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