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Guidelines for Having Your Guest Post Featured on Maramani.com

We welcome experts who can write articles on different areas in the home improvement niche ranging from home improvement ideas to home renovation, home decoration, security systems, and kitchen remodeling.


Who We Are

Maramani.com is a website that specializes in offering ready-made home plans specifically designed for Africa. We have a blog section that is constantly updated with useful content for homeowners and intending homeowners.


Who Can Write for Us?

You qualify to write for us if you have vast knowledge in the home improvement niche or can write great content that will add value to our audience. Your article must be related to the theme of our website and resonate well with our readers.


Why Should You Write for Us?

Maramani is one of the best platforms that offer professional house plans in Africa. Our website is visited by homeowners from different African countries including Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Ghana, Zimbabwe, and Zambia.

write for us home improvement

We have been around since 2014 and have a combined social media followers of over one million users across various platforms.


What You Get

Your article will be published with a permanent do-follow link pointing to your website. It will be available to:

  • Over 930,000 followers on our Facebook page
  • Over 140,000 members on our Facebook group
  • Over 210,000 followers on our Twitter handle
  • Over 150,000 email subscribers

Also, we offer paid Facebook boosting of your article for more engagement. 


Article Guidelines

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You grant us full permission to your content and images by submitting your article to Maramani.com. This means that we have permission to use all content and images on our website and social media platforms.

You must adhere to the following guidelines to have your article published on our website.

  • The article must have a minimum of 1000 words
  • It must be unique and not plagiarized
  • The post must not be published elsewhere in the future without including a link back to the original post on our website
  • Your guest post must be related to home improvement, home decoration, homemaker projects, interior design, renovation ideas, kitchen remodeling, construction techniques, security systems, and other similar areas
  • Content must be written in the English Language and must be free from grammatical errors. Corrections will be made if necessary
  • Only one do-follow link is allowed to your website, and this must be in the author’s bio. We have the right to add texts and links in the article as it pleases us
  • The article should contain enough Royalty Free images. We recommend getting images from websites like www.pixabay.com
  • Your post should be keyword-rich to increase the chances of being discovered. But don’t engage in keyword stuffing. Focus more on value
  • Links to adult websites and restricted websites are not allowed
  • Please adhere strictly to these guidelines to avoid having your article rejected


Article Submission Guidelines

Send an email to editor@maramani.com stating your interest in featuring a guest post. Include your proposed topic or a list of topics of interest in your email. We'll respond to your message and continue from there. 

Please note that we prefer having the articles in .docx format. 


Publication Time

Our editorial team will review your article within 3 working days to ensure that it meets our requirements. We will publish the article if it meets expectations, and inform you when we do.