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Upcoming Interior Design and House Décor Trends

Upcoming Interior Design and House Décor Trends

It is no surprise that homeowners are looking to reassess and make changes to their interior designs and themes this 2022. Let's be real, who would not want to spend most of their time in a truly beautiful space? No one.

The interior design and décor trends this 2022 have proven Instagram-worthy. These trends include current designs, a few oldies making a comeback, and some timeless classics. Given this variety, we have curated a list of the top 9 interior design and décor trends we are sure you would love to replicate in your home.


Nature-Inspired Design

    Did you know that bringing nature indoors adds authentic greenery to your home? Imagine the fulfillment and joy of watching a plant bloom. As this trend trickles down into homes, we can all agree that it purifies the air and brings a sense of being part of the outdoors while still being in the comfort of your home.


    Flexible and Multifunctional Spaces

      folding desck


      In light of architectural designs and strides, a flexible room has become a must-have especially because most people cannot afford a separate room for everything. Thankfully, this does not mean making expensive renovations.

      Getting multipurpose furniture is your secret weapon to achieving a flexible lifestyle. Whether it is a desk that doubles up into a side table or into a coffee table, these sleek and clever designs make your life easier. A multifunctional space on the other hand has the freedom to be a kid’s recreation room, an extra guest room, a home office, or even a place to relax and unwind.

      Timeless Style

        Some trends withstand the test of time while others get outdated fast. Homeowners are now more conscious to choose décor, furniture, or themes that will remain chic and stylish for the long haul. Besides, having to update or trade items year by year can be exhausting and quite expensive. So, why not save yourself the trouble and invest in a timeless style?

        Bold Patterns and Colors

          Bold colors and patterns add an element of pizazz to any household. While it might be considerably easy to randomly play around with trendy colors, be mindful of creating a cohesive theme.

           If you are new to bold patterns and colors, you can start easily. Play around with accents like throw pillows, rugs, mats, or wall art against a neutral background to spruce up your surroundings. On the other hand, explore and get creative with mixing and matching patterns or colors against each other.


          Minimalism with a Splash of Maximalist Design

            Intricate facade 2 bedroom house

            Less is still more. But as much as minimalism creates a clean and airy space, it also creates a sterile environment, more like a home without personality. A home should tell the story of the people inhabiting the space.

             And this is where a splash of maximalist design comes into play. Everything from furnishings, rugs, and art all the way to unique statement pieces reflects an individual’s expression and freedom.


            Luxurious Outdoor Living Spaces

              Interior design trends in 2022 have taken things up a notch with high-end outdoor oases. Gone are the days when the décor was only limited to the insides of our homes. Lately, more people are inclining toward luxurious outdoor décor and furniture. Alongside an outdoor kitchen, dining, and lounge area with quality arrangements to host parties.


              Curves and Rounded edges

                6 BEDROOM HOUSE PLAN

                Curves in-home designs are another heirloom making a comeback in the modern era. From arched openings and ceilings for porches to curvy furnishings, this trend is a delight to homes. Expect c-shaped sofas and soft edge tables too. The curviness and soft edges compliments angled pieces more and give a room a romantic feel.


                Great Up-to-Date Tech Homes

                  Technology is on the rise becoming the heart of most modern homes. Lately, homeowners prefer the convenience and ease to control music, temperature, and security from their smartphones. Remote-controlled shelves that slide to reveal a TV and self-shading windows are among other high-end tech gadgets that are becoming a norm in homes in 2022.


                  Bedroom Décor Trends

                    bedroom decor

                    We spend almost a third of our lives sleeping. It, therefore, goes without saying that we should invest in our rooms. After all, nothing beats a good night's sleep like a tranquil and beautiful bedroom.

                    •       Layers and Layers

                    Tonal variations of different colors on different surfaces, a dynamic blend of patterns, or a mix of textures bring about a deeply rich, pleasing, and serene space.

                    •       Statement Headboards

                    Say goodbye to traditional plain and simple headboards and hello to the new stylish and elaborate statement ones. These new headboards are pieces of art because they add color, personality, and sophistication to a bedroom.

                    •       Lighting

                    Different types and levels of lighting can help to switch from a busy mindset and set the mood to relax or read before going to bed. Small wall lights next to the bed serve as additional lights that add an aesthetic appeal to your room.

                    The Outdated Trends in 2022

                    •       Playing Safe with Neutral Colors

                    White, gray, and cream are safe and timeless options when it comes to interior décor. But how about we liven things up a bit with some mood-enhancing colors that will bring warmth and life into your home.

                    •       Wallpaper and Word Art

                    While we cannot deny the speedy transformation effect of a DIY wallpaper project, 2022 is about more elaborate statement patterns on the wall. Neither do we need a giant set of letters hanging in the living room to remind us this is indeed the living room.

                    •       70s and 80s Inspired Wall Hangings and Floral Furniture

                    Say goodbye to the 70s and 80s-inspired wall hanging and hello to unique art pieces and leather furniture instead. They add a modern and elegant feel to your sanctuary.


                    In summary, most interior design and décor trends have a time stamp, they will come and go. We recommend that you focus on functional and timeless trends that will stand the test of time. Do not be in a rush to choose a design, take your time and find what speaks to your personality.


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