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10 Tips for Buying High-Quality Modern Furniture

10 Tips for Buying High-Quality Modern Furniture

tips for buying furniture

Shopping for modern furniture is easy, but finding quality pieces that give you the best bang for your buck is the tricky part.

Your home is your investment, and it makes sense that you want to fill it with furniture that will fulfil its role and last a lifetime.

This is why we’ve listed a few tips that will help you to choose the best durable furniture. 


How to Buy High-Quality Modern Furniture 

1. Figure out what type of modern furniture you’re looking for

Your very first step before heading to the stores is to define the type of furniture you need and what styles can cater to your taste. Modern designs come in various shapes and sizes, so you need to consider your décor preferences and search for furniture to fulfil your vision.

tips for buying furniture


  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match furniture to create a setting that’s rich in color, texture, and intrigue.


2. Do your research

The internet can be a wonderful place for shoppers. Apart from offering a global selection of beautiful furniture, it also shares reviews from consumers who have had first-hand experiences with brands and their products.

So, before you whip out your credit card, it may be worth your while to see what others are saying about the customer service or quality of the furniture you’re about to purchase.


3. Don’t be afraid to shop online

Many of the best boutiques and stores are choosing virtual showrooms over physical floorspace to showcase their products, making the internet the number 1 “mall” to visit.

Some brands offer a complete online shopping experience and even collect and refund your order if you’re unhappy with your purchase.

Brands such as Instrument furniture will allow you to select and customize your bedroom furniture online. They then deliver and install items, ensuring that you’re optimally satisfied with your purchase.

 how to start buying furniture

Credit: Instrument furniture

  • Apply tip 2 to ensure that the online store you’re ordering from is true to its word and delivers the best modern furniture.


4. Ask for swatches

Envisioning how certain furniture will fit in a room can differ considerably from the real deal. That’s why most quality furniture stores are open to providing customers with swatches to formulate a better idea of how colors and textures will work together in an area.

Some stores loan pieces of furniture for a few days to help you determine if they will fulfil your needs and complement your interior décor.


5. Design custom pieces

Commissioning custom furniture designs is one way to ensure that your home features one-of-a-kind pieces. This method also allows you to perfectly furnish awkward spaces to maximize the potential of a room.

tips for buying furniture

Credit: Vox Furniture

  • Brush up on your carpentry/manufacturing knowledge to ensure that your custom furniture is made according to quality specifications (see tip 7).


6. Don’t rule out used furniture.

Used furniture – still in excellent condition – may withstand the test of time and be worth a second chance despite its “second-hand” status. As a matter of fact, scouring antique stores for interesting and authentic vintage finds can be beneficial to modern homes as this trend gains traction.


7. Learn how to do a quality check

Knowing if a piece of furniture is built to last requires a little finesse, but these guidelines will help to set you on the right track:

  • Solid wood lasts longer and has more potential than veneer or particleboard
  • The more screws and dowels the better
  • Remember that quality springs are firm with coils that sit close together
  • Reversible cushions will last longer (even better if they include coils)
  • Make sure that the backs and sides of chairs and couches feature reinforcements
  • Finally, make sure that it features durable stitches that help secure seams

 tips for buying furniture online

Credit: Instrument furniture


8. Make sure that you have your dimensions right

Check your dimensions, and then recheck them! It’s no use “umming and ahhing” over a piece of furniture that will not fit into the space you have in mind.  So, before you swipe your card, ensure that you have the accurate dimensions of the room you are decorating, the size of your current furniture, and the measurements of doorways.


9. Ask for care and maintenance advice

Even the highest-quality furniture needs tender love and care to provide maximum value. So, before you head out of the store or complete your online purchase, ask the manufacturer for care and maintenance advice for your furniture.

Some brands offer warranties for their wares, which can be an indication of their confidence in their product.

tips for buying furniture online

  • Never use harsh chemicals on furniture unless it is a product specifically formulated to care for the material you’re cleaning or maintaining.


10. Take your time

Whether you’re searching for a bed, couch, or simple shelving for your walls, shopping for the best furniture is a journey that you shouldn’t rush. Rushed decisions tend to lead to buyers’ remorse, and you want to avoid this at all costs.

Instead, take your time to see what’s out there. Play around with swatches and weigh your options before you fill your home with beautiful items that will bring love and comfort to your life.

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