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outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchens have always been a popular choice discussed during home design and renovation processes. This popularity stems from these kitchens being used to extend outdoor living spaces. You can achieve this through simple ideas like adding outdoor sinks, worktop surfaces, and a grill.

The concept of outdoor kitchens has evolved from the rustic origins of a small cook space accompanied by a standalone grill. A modern outdoor kitchen is well designed and complements an indoor counterpart when preparing meals for entertaining guests.

Some of the things you can acquire to adorn your outdoor kitchen include a barbecue grill, a prep station, an enclosed pantry, a sink, a fire pit, patio furniture, and outdoor cooling and heating solutions.

Outdoor kitchens add significant value to your home, realized in the form of increased living space and a similarly increased financial value of the home. These kitchens require little maintenance when done right, and therefore the benefits outweigh the cost implications.

The added value is also realized in the form of the increased functionality of your backyard and increased space for preparing and serving meals. The aesthetic value of a backyard space is also complemented by an outdoor kitchen.

Here are some things you should consider for your outdoor kitchen.

Browse a Wide Variety of Options

outdoor kitchen


Finding the right outdoor cooking setup that works for you will depend on factors like budget, expected frequency of use, level of security, lifestyle, available space, and dominant weather conditions. You can get creative with the choices, doing either the most basic or being as extravagant as you would like while keeping outdoor conditions in mind.

Outdoor kitchens include utilities such as plumbing, gas, and electricity lines. The location of these utilities will make a difference to your budget, positioning, and usability. Determine whether you want a full kitchen outside or whether you want a simple setup for the occasional use.


weather proof outdoor kitchen


Outdoor kitchens are constantly exposed to the outdoor elements. Therefore, remember to cover appliances and surfaces in addition to carrying out frequent cleaning and maintenance. This will greatly improve the longevity of your outdoor kitchen.

Also, ensure that any features you install for an outdoor kitchen are sturdy and are not adversely affected by year-round weather conditions. Stainless steel is ideal for any cooking tool, and a laminate countertop can shrug off dust and moisture with minimal cleaning.


outdoor kitchen lighting


A similarly key trait of outdoor kitchens is that they are exposed to natural light, and you need to consider adding some lighting if you envision using it at night.

The right lighting setup for an outdoor kitchen can greatly enhance everything from how the light on walls reflects. Whether you want a modest setup or a large outdoor kitchen, the right lighting fixtures can add to the outdoor cooking and dining experiences.

Enough lighting for our outdoor kitchen ensures that you can enjoy the zone regardless of the time, and elegant lighting creates an intimate and joyous mood that is appropriate for entertaining guests late into the evening. Consider adding LED lights since they are extremely energy efficient and cost-effective.

This outdoor lighting also ensures that you can tell whether your food is cooked properly and that you don’t have to walk your food inside to check under your indoor lights. The lighting of your outdoor kitchen also affects the presence of insects like mosquitoes that can interfere with the experience of being outdoors. 

Modular Options

modular kitchen


There are many ways to stretch a budget for an outdoor kitchen without compromising on style and quality. The popularity of this sector of housing has resulted in a niche market of prefabricated and modular outdoor kitchens available in customizable designs.

These modular outdoor kitchen kits can include amenities such as prefabricated countertops, compact refrigerators, a dining setup, and stainless-steel cabinets. Choosing from prefabs can cut down on the costs, labor, and time used to set up an outdoor kitchen.

Ideas for small spaces

outdoor small kitchen

For small spaces, you can consider installing a grill island that is available in many configurations that have all the necessary storage. Drawers are practical since they allow you to store necessary cooking utensils and items. Grill island offerings typically feature a refrigerator that allows refreshing beverages to always be within reach.

A practical grill island also features a sink, an access door to the plumbing, and a section for throwing aside trash. A trash section makes your outdoor kitchen the ideal clean-up area since you can scrape waste into the unit to get rid of it.

Another good idea is a double side burner with a built-in grill and double access door to storage space and a pull-out trash configuration. This setup would allow you to have two pots running at the same while having a grill open to prepare a third meal item if you choose to. This would allow you to make side dishes and main dishes concurrently and is further perfect for making sauces to complement your meal.

A practical idea for limited spaces is a straight outdoor kitchen island with a sink and combo storage. If you want something with a bit more flair, consider an L-shaped installation with power burners and stainless-steel cabinets adorned by a flat countertop.

Get creative

outdoor kitchen and fire pit


A creative idea is the addition of an outdoor fire pit or fireplace to enhance temperature control and the appearance of your outdoor kitchen space. A fireplace defines a patio or deck as a focal destination to gather and make memories. They are available in multiple configurations, some of which are DIY kit projects, while others feature inexpensive chimneys and portable metal models.

You don’t really need a grill to complete your outdoor cooking experience. Rather you can seek out innovative choices like a wood-fired pizza oven. Think of how amazing it would be to be able to make fresh and authentic pizza whenever you feel like it.

Consult the professionals


If you are not conversant with professional kitchen design, be sure you contact an experienced contractor that understands efficient kitchen design principles. This is because cold areas like refrigerators are mixed with wet areas like sinks and dry areas like prep counters and storage, and hot areas like cooktops.

Kitchens typically require access to utilities that are central to housing and practicality. Therefore, you may want to consult a professional contractor for things that include gas, electricity lines, and plumbing. The placement of these resources will improve how you think about the outdoor kitchen, and what your expected outcome will be. 


Outdoor kitchen ideas are likely to spark the desire to eat outside as much as you can while still being in the comfort of your home. These kitchens are associated with many benefits such as the amount of time spent outdoors making memories with loved ones, complemented by delicious and freshly grilled food.

When planning an outdoor kitchen, remember to consider the relationship between indoor and outdoor cooking spaces. How will you use them together? What is the ease of access between the two configurations? Working these details out will help you find what works well for your home.

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