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Living room

Of all the rooms in the house, the living room deserves special attention in terms of furnishings and interior décor because it is primarily used for our day to day activities. Besides, what could possibly be more fun and exciting than designing and filling up this space?

From furniture, accessories to decorations, we all have different tastes, preferences, and aesthetics that we prefer to create a cozy and beautiful space. And, despite your preferred design or style, some living room items are a basic need in every home that you ought to give first priority when filling your space.

Essentials For Setting Up a Living Room

living room

The living room is a versatile space that is used for different purposes by different people. For some, it is an entertainment hub and a conversation area for the family while for others, it is a showroom that is only used when hosting guests.

Set up your living room in a way that tailors to your preferences. Whether you want a showroom or a conversation area, establish a focal point from an existing feature in your home like a fireplace, a prominent window, or a television and neatly arrange your furniture around it.

Pull the furniture close together and away from the walls to create an intimate setting. Ensure you leave a clear path and enough room for people to freely move from one point to another in the room without tripping over the furniture. 

Once the furniture is set up, strategically place accessories to complement and anchor the room. And finally, ensure your room is properly lit to set the right ambience and tone.

Essentials For a Cozy Living Room

living room essentials

Fascinatingly, we do not have a single recipe that makes a living room cozy. The coziness needed for a home to feel like a home entirely varies with different individuals depending on their style, tastes, and preferences. 

For some people, the living room may feel cozy because it is layered with sensual and soft textures like throw blankets and fluffy pillows while for others, it may be the comfortable seats and the presence of personal objects that make it feel like home. Or perhaps, the warmly colored tones and lighting that decorate the room set a cozy ambience that makes you want to curl up and cocoon yourself from the outside world.

What Must a Living Room Have?

living room

In order to make your living room feel like home, we have taken the liberty to write up fresh pointers on must-have living essentials every home needs.

1. Living Room Furniture

Your furniture is by far the most conspicuous feature in your living room. It anchors the room, sets the tone for any other décor aspect, makes a statement, and brings out the overall grace and beauty of the room.

A typical living room furnishings may include sofas, coffee tables, TV stands, accent tables, chairs, recliners, and bookshelves. And, regardless of the array of the furnishings, some pieces like the sofa and coffee table are more important than others. Hence, you should give them first priority in your essentials bucket list.

Sofas are among the biggest investments in your living room. These extremely versatile pieces are a necessity in every home. On the other hand, your coffee or accent table is the centerpiece for your living room design. It is a good platform for you to showcase your decorating accessories, rest your mug, magazines, and remote.

The sofa is paramount to setting the right style décor and tone of your living room. You’ll want to consider choosing the sofa first, then letting it dictate the aesthetics and design of the rest of the furniture. 

2. Living Room Accessories and Decor


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Once you have chosen your living room furniture, you are off to a great start! Next up, accessorize your room to take it to the next level. Living room accessories are not just an eye candy but they also pull together your décor scheme, add texture, pattern, and color to break the monotony and liven up a room. 

Whether it is a rug to introduce a pop of color into your design scheme, a plant to freshen the air, or creatively arranged stunning art pieces on the wall to showcase your style and personality. Choose accessories that make a bold statement and add an element of pizzazz to your space. After all, who wouldn’t want to cozy up in a well decorated beautiful space? No one.

Add memorabilia with personal portraits, photographs, and family heirlooms to add a personal touch and make your living room feel like home. Moreover, you can use candles to set a warm cozy ambience and throw pillows to accent and add a vibrant flair to your dull sofa.

Ultimately, living room accessories and decor are the perfect secret ingredients for a beautiful put together living room. So, if you want to add a level of sophistication in your living room, we recommend buying accessories that blend well and complete the design of your space.

3. Living Room Appliances

living room

Furniture and accessories are important, but they are not everything a living room needs. In a world where parents are busy as bees trying to make ends meet and kids spend most of their time studying and finishing school assignments, living room appliances are becoming a necessity to make life easy and more enjoyable.

To create a comfortable living room where you can hold conversations and bond with family, here are a few essential living room appliances you may need.

  • TV- How amazing would it be to bond with your family over movie night? What an ideal way to relieve stress and unwind with your loved ones after a busy week!
  • Air Purifier- Do you sneeze a little too much in your living room? Dust and animal fur can land on your seats, carpet, and throw pillows and cause allergies. To curb that, we recommend getting an air purifier to filter and trap airborne allergens.
  • Water Dispenser- According to experts, having direct access to instant hot or cold water from a water dispenser will make you drink more water. And, we all know that hydrating improves our health impeccably. It is a win-win situation.

Key Takeaway

As much as furnishing and filling a living room may seem like an easy task, it takes a lot of time and effort to get a satisfying end result. But once you have covered the bases, you are good to go. From furniture to accessories, start ticking off your living room essentials checklist and make your space a safe haven today!

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