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Indoor vs Outdoor Security Cameras – Difference Explained

Indoor vs Outdoor Security Cameras – Difference Explained

security cameras inside or outside

You need to know the difference between indoor and outdoor security cameras if you’re determined to provide the best security for your family.

Making the right choice can be overwhelming as camera know-how and knowledge is not common to all. This article will help you with that.

You need not worry because you simply need to know the main differences between indoor cameras and outdoor cameras.

After reading this article, you’ll have the essential information necessary when it comes to choosing and evaluating indoor and outdoor cameras. You’ll be more confident in making intelligent decisions for your family’s safety and security.

We also share on-demand security cameras to give you a clear picture as to how people choose to secure their homes and loved ones with the use of security cameras.


Differences between Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

cctv camera indoor and outdoor

1. Durability

The most important distinction between the two is their level of durability. An outdoor camera is more durable because it is built to be solid and robust enough to withstand harsh external factors.

You can easily be confused because both cameras usually come with the same design and build, but they actually vary greatly. An outdoor camera has a more solid build because it has to survive severe weather and different lighting conditions.

They are also most likely to be tampered with, so outdoor cameras are usually made of metal. For further protection, outdoor cameras weigh heavier and may come in strong metal casings that discourage tampering and removal.


2. Size

Indoor cameras are smaller and lighter. As they are placed in normally temperate environments, they are not manufactured with boosted materials and design. Indoor cameras have a design that does not feel intrusive. They easily match home interiors and appliances.

Outdoor cameras come in bigger, heavier, and more complex designs. Some homeowners prefer bigger outdoor cameras that are easily visible to all while some prefer ones that are not easily noticeable. The size of the outdoor camera to purchase primarily depends on your security plan.

Do you want people to easily notice that they are under surveillance? Or do you want people not to be warned of the presence of a surveillance camera?


3. Features

When it comes to features, both indoor and outdoor cameras are primarily the same. Both cameras have built-in infrared detectors that allow for clear picture capturing even when it’s dark.

Today’s security cameras are well equipped with light-sensitive features that automatically change the image capturing mode into crisp black and white when an area gets darker and darker. Through it, all movements and actions can still be accurately detected and recorded. Both outdoor and indoor cameras can smoothly work and integrate with CCTV systems.


On-Demand Security Cameras

There are two types of cameras that homeowners prefer for indoor and outdoor spaces. They are dome cameras and hidden cameras.

 cctv camera indoor and outdoor

1. Dome Cameras

Homeowners prefer dome cameras because they work well in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Dome cameras have a unique design that keeps strangers from knowing where the lens is actively pointed at. Through such a nifty design, people can’t easily hide and stray away from the camera.

Domes work well even for outdoor spaces because their design allows for an extra level of durability and protection. Some dome cameras even come with their heaters and blowers that automatically remove materials and substances that prevent clear image monitoring and capturing.


2. Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras are on demand because most homeowners prefer having their surveillance cameras concealed. They allow homeowners to subtly observe people’s actions and behaviors without being known.

Hidden cameras are perfect for when you want to know the true nature and behavior of the people around you when no one is watching. They can be used even in your home office

You need to take note that if you’re looking for hidden cameras that can be hidden behind clocks or near smoke detectors, such kinds will not work well in outdoor settings.

Such hidden cameras are not weatherproof and will easily break. Hidden cameras work best when placed indoors as no harsh weather can cause damage.


Important Tips for Choosing the Right Surveillance Camera

When shopping for indoor and outdoor cameras, always remember the following:

security camera inside or outside

  1. For outdoor cameras, opt for ones that come with their blower and heaters as they will secure clear image captures even on days when the weather is harsh.
  2. Hidden cameras don’t go well with outdoor spaces. They don’t have an extra level of protection and can easily break or be tampered with.
  3. Go for bigger outdoor cameras if you want to ensure that people know that they are under surveillance.
  4. Big outdoor cameras are shown to be effective in deterring people from breaking into a house.
  5. Dome cameras work well in both outdoor and indoor spaces.


    Choose Wisely

    Ensuring the safety and security of your family can be taxing. If you want an exhaustive take on it, it’s best to work with a dedicated security company like Smart Security. They are industry experts that will ensure that all your choices will be perfect for your family’s security and safety needs.

    You can opt to do everything on your own and just buy a comprehensive security system kit if you already have experience when it comes to setting up surveillance cameras.

    If you have none, it’s best to contact a specialist as not only will they help you to choose the right camera, but they will also tell you the best locations and spots to have it set-up.


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