hardwood flooring

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring

There are many flooring options you can choose from for your home. From tiles and cement finishes to wooden flooring, there is something for every taste and budget out there.

Hardwood floors are incredibly durable and resistant to regular wear and tear, and their natural qualities mean that they hold warmth better than laminates, stone floors, or tiles.

As a result of these desirable attributes, hardwood floors have become a popular option for many homes. 

Read on to find out more about hardwood floors.

What are the perks of hardwood floors?

Durability and Maintenance

Durability and Maintenance

Hardwood floors can last a lifetime with a little tender love and care since they are quite durable. 

Most experts recommend refinishing hardwood flooring once a decade to keep them in top shape. Refinishing involves sanding and applying a fresh layer of finishing.

Cleaning hardwood, while it requires frequent mopping and sweeping, is relatively easy compared to other types of flooring. Experts recommend using a solution of water and vinegar to take off any stains and odors, leaving you with a clean sparkling surface.

This cleaning process may require a little more attention compared to other flooring options because dirt, dust, and grime may be a little more noticeable. 

Remember that a typical mop is not generally recommended since it may leave little puddles of water all around your floors. A wet microfiber mop will work well when paired with dish soap or mixed in with vinegar.

Elegant appearance

Elegant appearance

Few flooring options compare to the classic feel and easy elegance achieved by hardwood floors. 

They are a big reason why people love older homes since they are fitted with hardwood floors that bring in a level of coziness that carpet and other flooring finishes can seldom achieve.

To get the finish you desire, you do not have to go with the common strips or plank designs. There is a wide array of patterns available such as geometric patterns, diagonal pieces, parquet, and herringbone patterns. 

You can also find chevron varieties and checkerboard patterns for a more intricate and appealing finish.

Also, the color of hardwood flooring does not easily fade over time, unlike options like carpets that lose their radiant luster over time. Wood has a steady and sturdy appearance that can last many years before needing refinishing or replacing to retain its appeal.



A similarly attractive attribute is the versatility offered when using hardwood floors. They offer a neutral background that allows you to decorate using a multitude of colors and textures without them looking out of place.

Hardwood floors adapt to nearly every interior design theme in the home. Therefore, you can be sure that when you are inspired to change up the wall art, decorative accents, mirrors, and another décor within your home, hardwood floors will always look good while fitting the desired theme.

Health and wellness benefits

In addition to generally holding warmth well, hardwood floors do not trap allergens like dust, other things like animal dander,  and pollen, unlike options like carpets and rugs.

This means that hardwood floors increase the likelihood of better indoor air quality. This attribute makes them an ideal option for people who are mindful of allergies and other respiratory issues.

Home Value

home value

Hardwood floors will add some value to your home, which will be drawn into perspective when the time comes to sell your home. Buyers are likely to pay more for a house fitted with hardwood rather than carpet.

Many people often do not want a carpet they did not choose, much less somebody else’s used carpet. For this reason, hardwood flooring is a highly-sought out feature, meaning that someone will likely pay higher and it may help you sell your house faster.

What are the downsides to hardwood floors?



Despite the worthwhile return on investment, hardwood floors are linked to some upfront costs that may give you as a homeowner reason for pause. Experts indicate that installing hardwood floors can cost between $6 and $12 per square foot.

Note that these costs typically depend on the type of material and labor used in the process. The materials may cost between $3 and $7 per square foot, with the labor rate adding around $3 to $5 per square foot.



Over time, you are likely to see some gouges and scratches on the surface of your hardwood floors. Dragging furniture, traversing the space in shoes and other regular wear and tear can cause scratches to become more prominent with time.

This is an element worth considering if you have pets. Their claws can scratch up wooden floors, and it may also cause them to slip and slide. However, scratches and gouges are a minor issue because you can refinish the wooden floors to eliminate them.

Moisture damage

Moisture damage

Scratches and gouges are likely to become more of an issue if water and other liquid spills seep into the surface. 

Remember to wipe up any spillage quickly to prevent the hardwood flooring from cupping, swelling, and generally becoming less durable during regular use.



Particularly as they age, hardwood floors tend to creak when you walk around on them. They may also squeal when you move heavy furniture without lifting them off the ground. 

This is an easy challenge to tackle since you can lessen the noise by shimming joists, and filling in the gaps between the subfloor and joist using construction adhesive.


Every home requires a strong, sturdy, and beautiful flooring finish that holds some warmth and is therefore comfortable underfoot. Hardwood floors are a good option since they offer a good mixture of qualities.

The upfront cost of hardwood floors may initially turn you away. Consider its qualities and long-term value, and that other people have proven it is one of the best returns on investment home fixture ideas.

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