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Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Bedroom make over

The bedroom is a sanctuary, a soothing and welcoming respite from the activity and noise you encounter daily in life. It is a private space where you can escape the bustle to relax and rest in preparation for the next day.

Therefore, bedrooms are an important fixture of the household. However, the amount of time you have spent in your bedroom may have you feeling like the space needs a refresh. 

Here are a few bedroom makeover ideas to help you spruce up this important space in your house.

Choosing an appropriate paint scheme

lilac bedroom


Switching up the colors of your bedroom walls will have a significant effect on how the space looks in general. A crisp white color makes the room feel cozy and makes any color patterns in linen, wall accessories, and flooring pop. 

Topping the bed with similarly white linens helps other items stand out against the clean and crisp background.

Designers recommend using your closet as an inspiration for an overall color theme for your bedroom. Using a color that you like to dress in or one that appeals to you will help you find a soothing color scheme for your most intimate space.

Consider using high-gloss paint for darker color tones, and an eggshell finish for lighter colors. This will ensure some vibrancy in the room for whichever color you end up choosing.

For a cost-friendly alternative, you can add some visual interest to your bedroom walls with wallpaper. They are available in near-endless options, and you can choose whichever plain or complex design strikes your fancy and matches the tone you are pursuing in your bedroom.

One example is a design that emulates wood block printing which has proven calm, interesting, and fresh. 

Remember that you can switch up wallpapers regularly to always have some visual interest on your walls.

Rethinking Lighting

lighting your bedroom


Picking out new lighting will be most impactful for those who spend a lot of time in the bedroom doing other things apart from falling straight in bed and turning the lights off. 

There are so many beautiful and affordable lighting options out there, making the standard cream lamp shade a waste.

You can consider a range of options for your main light that adds interesting shapes and unique textures to your bedroom. Unique options include industrial-style metal light fixtures or a rattan shade. 

For simpler swapping options, change out your existing light shade with something new and striking. Most of them are simple enough to be done in a matter of minutes when armed with an instruction manual.

An interesting way to switch up the lighting in your room is to add a large floor mirror. It will shift light all around your room while emphasizing the lighting and flooring design you have going.

Refresh your beddings


Switch out your current bedlinen and splurge on a new set of duvets, sheets, and bedcovers. You can add a plush bed throw and soft large pillows that will give a new lush feeling to your bed.

Picking different colors for what you currently have will rejuvenate the appearance of your bed which is the centerpiece that ties the room together.

An old mattress will likely impede the quality of sleep you enjoy each day, thus taking a toll on your well-being. Experts suggest replacing your mattress if it is more than 5 years old. 

Consider a mattress with double-spring layers that both adapt to your body’s contours and distribute the weight for ideal comfort.

Bedside Accessories

bedside drawer

Your bedside table is most likely strewn with items you require at a moment’s notice such as reading glasses, a lovely book, a phone charge, jewelry, and other bits and bobs. 

Consider a small bedside drawer that you can store these items in to ensure a neat and uncluttered bedside.

Alternatively, you can opt for a small floating shelving unit that can house small items neatly without impeding floor space. 

You can reserve a section for books to create some contemporary sophistication while having your favorite bedtime reads at arm’s length.

Flooring Options

bedroom rug

Throw down an area rug to inject some color patterns and personality into your bedroom. Get one that is as big as you can afford, or as small as you need to see the difference. 

Remember that an area rug can cover a multitude of imperfections like yellowing vinyl or old floorboards.

Bold color patterns and graphic designs on a floor rug add an interesting look to the room and having the majority of your furniture atop the rug will make the room appear slightly larger. 

If you have the space, layer up rugs by having small pieces on either side of the bed. This will spruce up the appearance by adding extra texture and coziness.

Updating Drapery


One of the things that you stare at most in your bedroom is the drapes, blinds, and curtains you use. This is because you get used to seeing them out of the corner of your eye, thus overlooking them so much that you stop noticing their aesthetic after a while.

Add some drapes or curtains made of soft, linen-like fabric, and remember to choose light colors if your room does not get a lot of natural light. For a more elegant and expensive feel, hang the drapery from floor to ceiling.

Adding some furniture

bedroom furniture

You can move around the position of your bed, the bedside table, and the cabinets to change up the general appearance of your bedroom.

Consider adding some statement furniture for your bedroom that stands out and acts as a secondary focal point to complement the bed. You can add a deco armchair to lend the room some practical elegance.


In many ways, the bedroom is one of the most important spaces in the house. The rigors of work and the sensory overload of digital devices make the need for good sleep more apparent. 

Good rest also helps improve concentration, and productivity and can even benefit immune functions, weight loss, and mental health.

There are many ways to spruce up your existing bedroom, and many of these changes do not require you to break the bank. You can focus on what you interact most with, and this can go a long way to shifting how you view your bedroom.

Consider elements such as lighting, bed linen, wall color, and accessories that will greatly revolutionize the look and feel of your bedroom.

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