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5 Brilliant and Chic Bathroom Decorating Ideas

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Did you know that we spend more than one and half years in the course of our lifetime in the bathroom? How fascinating, right? Yes, your bathroom is without a doubt a very important room in your home

Unfortunately, we often overlook and ignore the overall décor of this room. But who says your bathroom has to be plain and boring? Ideally, it should not just be a grooming space but your own personal sanctuary where you can unwind and seek solace after the hustle and bustle of a long day. 

 In an attempt to make a glamorous and spa-like bathroom, today we are spotlighting brilliant and picture-perfect bathroom decorating ideas you can use to upscale this space.

1. Accentuate Your Bathroom Walls



Whether you have a blank tiny space above your sink and toilet seat, or you have four bare walls screaming for a bit more pizzazz and personality, adding accessories to your bathroom walls is a game changer to your overall interior décor. Below are a few ways you can actualize that.

  • Hang an oversized art piece. An oversized art piece is perfect for a tiny neglected space like above the bathroom sink and toilet seat. Here, it acts as the focal point and transforms your previously neglected space with minimal effort.
  • Add a DIY gallery wall. Create a composition of perfectly printed colorful images on your wall to make a statement and add a glam to your bathroom walls.
  • Repaint your bathroom walls. Let us never underestimate the power of a freshly painted space. To spruce it up, get creative with horizontal stripes and abstract shapes with your paint brush.
  • Install floor-to-ceiling-tiles. Add floor-to-ceiling tiles with remarkable patterns, colors, and styles to give your bathroom an expensive and polished look.
  • Play around with a bold wallpaper. Nothing gives the impression of a professionally decorated space like using bold and patterned wallpapers. They give off a sophisticated and classy vibe.
  • Elevate your space with statement mirrors. Mount a few one-of-a-kind mirrors, preferably those with unique frames that double up as gorgeous artwork.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong way to decorate your bathroom walls. After all, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. So, as much as there are an infinite number of ways you can accentuate your walls, choose the style that aligns with your budget, tastes, and preferences.

2. Add Bathroom Plants

bathroom plants

Other than their air purifying qualities like cleaning air toxins, indoor plants inject a pop of color and style to your bathroom design. But, if you have trouble watering your plants regularly, worry not.

 Bathroom plants are ideal because they are in such close proximity with several water sources, you can’t possibly forget to water them. Or, you can opt for succulent plants like aloe because they are incredibly easy to care for and will easily thrive with the small doses of moisture from your shower.

All in all, here are some creative stylish ways you can incorporate bathroom plants.

  • The living wall. Whether you create a wall mounted greenery portrait, or a vertical green wall, this timeless dreamy trend will add a splash of sophistication to your bathroom.
  • Hanging plants showcases a fun focal point that dramatically transforms and gives your bathroom a cozy feel.
  • Oversized plant. Make your bathroom feel like a luxurious spa by styling it with an over-sized plant. This way, it acts as the focal point of the room and gives it a fresh, trendy feel.
  • Tiny plants. If you are tight on space, condense your bathroom essentials into a storage basket to create room for small plants paired with sleek planters on the bathroom countertop and shelves.

3. Choose a Stylish and Elegant Storage Design

bathroom arrangement


We shower, apply makeup, practice good oral hygiene, and rejuvenate after a stressful day in the bathroom. And given that the bathroom has multiple functions, we can all agree that it is crucial that the room has proper storage.

A good storage system declutters your space, creates a sense of order, and gives your bathroom a fresh aesthetic. Regardless of the size of your bathroom, you would probably enjoy a hygienic, organized, and even bigger space.

Closed storage works better for small spaces, especially those with poor ventilation because everything is carefully tucked away and less prone to mold. Create another layer of organization within the closed storage with baskets, bags, and trays to establish a well-organized space where everything is at arm’s reach. 

Or, you can skip the closed storage altogether if you have ample space and simply use a stylish ladder, a wall mounted rack, and built-in shelves for your towels and essentials to give your bathroom a casual, classy look. 

4. Pick a Suitable Theme


While it may seem insignificant, choosing a theme design that flows seamlessly throughout your space guarantees you a beautiful bathroom. Moreover, studies show that by choosing a theme that blends with your personality, you are guaranteed to feel happier and more at ease during your bath time.

For instance, a minimalist would love a timeless theme. This entails rain showerheads, marble tiles, black and white themed, and all white bathrooms, all of which are subtle yet classy and can never go out of style. On the contrary, a maximalist would love to incorporate a bit more pizzazz and pop of color with patterned and colorful accessories.

Are you minimalistic? Adventurous? Take cues from your personality to decide on a suitable theme. Alternatively, draw inspiration from Pinterest boards and magazine publications with trendy and timeless themes. 

5. Switch and Upgrade Your Bathroom Fixtures

bathroom design

It is hard to outdo the inherent beauty of polished bathroom finishes. So, by adding decorative touches to your bathroom fixtures, you completely transform this space. Here are some of the ways you can do that.

  • Make a statement with matte black, gold, and colorful ceramic bathroom faucets, cabinet pulls, towel hooks, and door knobs.
  • Transfer your bath salts and shower gel into decorative bottles to evoke a sleek and elegant look.
  • Throw out your old outdated bath mat and shower curtain to bring in something more vibrant and gorgeous.
  • Include a stylish seating with a high-end ottoman or built-in seat where you can decompress and enjoy spa-like quality bath time.

Final Thoughts

Decorating a bathroom can be overwhelming and challenging. Luckily, we have highlighted the above tips to help you tailor it to your needs and comfort. Because at the end of the day, a truly cozy bathroom should be a reflection and extension of yourself. It is now upon you to invite glamor into your bathroom and recreate your bath time to feel sensational.

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