10 Ways to Turn Your House into a Smart Home

10 Ways to Turn Your House into a Smart Home

As the world is marching towards the new technology and devices to make life easier, a lot of people have adopted several ways to transform their homes as well. A well-equipped home with all the needed devices can make a world of difference and make your life more sorted. And let us accept it, we humans, are always hunting for something that makes our lives better and smooth.

Smart home

Be it a smartphone or an instant camera; we now look for speedy operations and efficient results as well. So if you are also finding the ways to smartify your homes, then here is a complete list of all the devices that can help you to do so. Go through this list and find the ways to turn your place into a smarter home.

Smart speakers for the convenience

Smart speakers for your home

The people all over the world rejoiced with the introduction of smart devices such as Google Home and Amazon Echo. Made with the new-gen artificial intelligence (AI), these devices are designed to make day-to-day life more manageable. Right from reminding you of daily tasks to playing music and answering all your questions, the first device that one should invest in is a smart speaker. These speakers are available in a series of sizes and price ranges, which makes it easier for the customers to make a choice.

Invest in a smart security system

Security of our home

The security of our home is something we should never take for granted. With new advances, there is now a smart lock available in the market that can be connected to your smartphone via the internet or Bluetooth. These locks do not need any keys and can be opened or locked by using your smartphone only. You can also keep different passcodes to ensure the safety of your place.

Smarter bulbs to light up your home

Smart bulbs

Remember the times when we were little kids and wondered if we could control the lighting with just a remote? Well, the technology is finally here. The introduction of smart bulbs and lightings literally changed the game for complete home automation. These smart lights can be operated by your home assistant devices such as google home or even your smartphone via WiFi. These smart LED bulbs can change the colors, brightness, operation and intensity of the lights based on the commands you give.

Thermostats for warming up your place

Thermostat for your home

Maintain a pleasant and optimum temperature at your home by opting for the smart thermostats. These thermostats can be installed along with the other regular thermostats in your place. It helps in monitoring the temperature and also sets it according to your wish. Like the smart bulbs, you can also connect these smart thermostats to your home assistant device and make your life easier. The thermostats help in keeping your house warmer without making many efforts.

Cameras for the utmost safety

Camera for your home

Many pet owners and even working people are on a spree to make their lives easier. As mentioned above, there are smart locks available now for enhanced safety; there are also smart cameras. These smart cameras can be used both indoors and outdoors to keep a check on the visitors as well as pets. The users can retrieve the data from their cameras by connecting it to your smartphone. This way, you can also keep a check on lovable pets even when you are working. How cool is that?

Vacuum and smart cleaners

What if I told you there are actually robot vacuum available for us that go around your place and pick up all the dust, dirt, debris, pet hair and that makes a mess at your place. These vacuums work efficiently in keeping your home clean and tidy. There is also a smart cleaner available nowadays that opens up their lids so that you don’t have to touch it for opening to throw the garbage. Investing in these two devices can save up your time and make sure that your place is free of all the dust and other things that make your sweet home look dirty.

Smoke Detectors

Unlike the conventional smoke detectors that are installed in the homes, there are now smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors available for making our lives more convenient. The standard or conventional smokers start beeping due to low battery, but these smart detectors constantly charge themselves. It also alerts you about the smoke on your smartphone even when you are out. You can also connect these detectors with thermostats so that the thermostats can stop heating the place due to the increase in carbon monoxide. Likewise, you can also connect and integrate other smart devices with it as well.

Smart TVs for your entertainment

Since all the millennials now long for the lazy Saturday nights for Netflix and Chill as well as binge-watching their favorite series, a smart TV will be a smart addition to your house. These TVs were one of the first smart devices introduced to enhance entertainment. So now, you can have a movie marathon or watch Youtube tutorials on a larger screen without using a dozen cables or Chromecast.

Smart doorbells to keep a check

One of the latest additions to the smart devices in the market for transforming your home is smart doorbells. This device is inexpensive and you can easily install it without needing any professional help. By installing a smart doorbell, you can monitor and also talk to the visitors. This way, you can also communicate with the people by video chatting even when you are not home. The device also has a feature of taking a snapshot of the visitor every time the doorbell rings.

Change your switchboards

If you are thinking about changing your lighting and bulbs, it will probably be better to also swap your old plugs or switchboards with the new tech ones. There are many smart lighting kits available that come with the advanced switchboards as well as the lightings that can make your home look and function better.

Concluding Remarks

Above-stated devices are my top 10 ones to smartify your home, but there are plenty of other devices available that can turn your home into a smart one. There are new gen dishwashers, dryers and keyholders to make your life easy. You can go through the features of all these devices to see if that is what you want in your home. But I hope this article helps you to find some ways to make your home more functional.

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